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Hyperacusis tinnitus retraining therapy, severe mood disorder - Reviews

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Our tinnitus clinic has effectively treated tinnitus and sound sensitivity patients with a success rate of over 80% using  TRT or tinnitus retraining therapy. It was established in 1996, based on Tinnitus Retraining Therapy as developed by Pawel Jastreboff.
TRT is the method that we employ to assist patients to habituate to the perceived tinnitus signal. When a negative association is initially paired to tinnitus it is easy to continue to hear the tinnitus. After the counseling sessions, relaxation, meditation, stress reduction, guided imagery and cognitive behavioral therapies will assist the patients in their process.

Counseling is imperative in the TRT or auditory habituation process to help the brain not hear the tinnitus. It will provide the rich environment that the patient needs so that one is not listening to tinnitus even in quiet. Cognitive Behavioral therapy simply identifies the unwanted behaviors and thoughts and replaces them with alternative thoughts that are valid.
Carol Bass was one of the first eighteen audiologists to open a tinnitus and hyperacusis center after her course work with Dr. In a similar way it is possible to retrain or rewire the brain to no longer hear the tinnitus.

You will understand the mechanism of tinnitus and how you are holding on to the sound and ways to facilitate habituation.

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