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Hyperacusis test, tinnitus ears hurt - PDF Review

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We have encountered a similar case in which there was both SCD and PCD on the same side, associated with exercise intolerance, conductive hyperacusis and an enlarged VEMP.
A fistula test , which entails making a sensitive recording of eye movements while pressurizing each ear canal with a rubber bulb, is occasionally helpful. Audiometry is generally done as a preliminary test, and an alert audiologist who knows about SCD may make the diagnosis on the spot.

Other tests, not involving X-rays, may provide a clue that an temporal bone CT is indicated.
This can easily be missed as audiologists just assume that one can't hear better than '0' dB, and don't always test the patient thoroughly.
Also a downbeating nystagmus may be seen on positional testing, which resembles that of anterior canal BPPV.

However, if a patient complains of dizziness during tympanometry, this is a clue that the patient has a positive pressure test.

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