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How to treat anxiety and depression without drugs, hearing loss elderly - Within Minutes

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Millions of Americans try drugs or talk therapy to relieve depression and anxiety, but recent scientific studies prove certain alternative treatments can work as well or better-often bringing on a cure. As someone who's spent the last four years coming to terms with a severe anxiety disorder, I have been ripping through this book in fascination. The beginning is a little "technical" but the "techniques" used to treat anxiety, stress and depression are fascinating, scientifically researched and sound. On one hand, they should not be written in a style that is too dry and overly clinical, but on the other, they must not be based on generalities alone. This book came before Anti-Cancer and focuses on curing anxiety, etc., without medication or talk therapy (as the title states).

This is not a book about meditation (although it is recommended) or a pop-psychology book, but a scientific study about our body and mind's ability to heal themselves. The Instinct to Heal strikes the perfect balance between professionalism and reader engagement. I deal with PTSD and have struggled to find the correct kind of help for more than seven years.
This book led me to several well-researched solutions that I hadn't encountered before and that seem very promising (EMDT, for example), as well as giving very practical advice applicable for anyone at all who simply deals with everyday stress.
Servan-Schreiber is a compassionate, open writer who exhibits a great deal of warmth and practicality.

I want to buy this book for so many people who I love and want to be happy, because I know it can help in so many ways. He outlines different techniques for becoming physically and emotionally healthier that touch on areas from nutrition and exercise to acupuncture and coherence exercises--all with well-documented research from prestigious scientific journals and everyday advice on how to put the strategies into practice.
Do read this book--whether you suffer from anxiety or depression, or whether you just want to be healthier and happier.

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