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Doggie ear infections are very common and will affect most dogs at some point in their lives, so DON’T PANIC! Check your dog’s ears regularly for discharge, odor, swelling and other symptoms of infection. After baths and swimming, be sure to dry your dog’s ears as thoroughly and carefully as you can. If your dog is prone to infections, ask your vet if canine ear-drying solution would be beneficial. Place a few drops in your dog’s ear canals (read directions) and then massage the base of the ear for 20-30 seconds to soften and release the debris. When you are through, wipe your dog’s ear flap and area below the ear gently with a towel. Cotton applicator swabs can be used to clean the inside of the ear flap and the part of the ear canal you can see.
And, of course, follow the cleaning with your dog’s favorite treat or toy for good behavior! Hepar Sulph can be useful for irritable dogs who don’t like to have their inflamed ears touched. Sulphur is often recommended for long term, stubborn skin conditions and also has some success in ear infection treatment. Silica is worth considering to help ‘push out’ a excess debros or other foreign object from the ears. The L-shape of dog and cat ear canals are designed to protect their highly developed sense of hearing. In cats, the most common causes of ear infections are mites or a weak immune system (which may be caused by the feline leukemia virus or feline immunodeficiency virus). In dogs, the most common underlying afflictions are allergies (upwards of 80%) and yeast, both of which often result in secondary bacterial infections.

Fungal and yeast infections can result in scratching that turns into a bacterial ear infection. Inherited anatomical abnormalities in the ear canal structure can leave pets predisposed to ear infections due to inadequate drainage or constriction. Medications are often necessary to get an ear infection under control, especially if the problem is in the inner ear or if serious swelling is involved. It is very important to nurture balance following medication, and maintaining that balance should become a routine part of natural pet care to prevent ear infections and mites. If ear mites are the issue, you can place a few drops of extra virgin olive oil or almond oil mixed with vitamin E into the ear after cleaning to smother them. Ear infections in dogs are common but often owners fail to identify until they are quite advanced. I will gratefully try these suggestions because nothing else has worked for my dog’s ear infections yet. My cat gets some kind of fungus in her ear so I hope your natural remedies will help her too. Our cat has a recurring ear mite infestation that she passes on to the dog who promptly gets an ear infection. I have a dog that is just getting over his first ear infection but I will keep this article in case there’s another one. My dog had ear mites when I got him as a puppy and he’s had ear infections ever since.
My dog gets yeast infections in his ears sometimes but he gets it less since we started giving him yogurt.
My veterinarian diagnosed chronic ear infections and said we can only deal with them as they come along. I think this will be my last floppy eared dog because the poor baby always has ear infections.

Ear mites, burs, growing hair, trapped water, a tumor or foreign body in the ear canal can all lead to an infection. Depending on your dog’s ear condition, you may have to start out cleaning the ears twice a day.
They should NOT be used farther down in the ear canal since that tends to pack debris in the ear canal, rather than help to remove it.
If your dog has a ruptured or weakened eardrum, some ear cleansers and medications could do more harm than good so make sure you get the correct treatment. Unfortunately, this design may also cause moisture, debris, parasites and wax to be trapped in the ears, resulting in infections. Unfortunately, a vicious cycle can follow treatment with antibiotics, anti-fungal medications and other drugs intended to treat ear infections in dogs and cats. Because ear infections can be very painful and result in chronic problems, it is really important to learn to regularly check your pets ears for problems and initiate treatment early. The chemical balance of the ear and the bacterial balance within the body is often affected by these treatments, resulting in a long-term battle against secondary and recurring infections.
Some holistic veterinarians also suggest making a pure, green tea that can be cooled and dropped into the ear.
Throwing random natural treatments at an unknown organism can cause more harm than good and may create ‘super bugs’.
If your dog swims a lot, has long ears, or a history of ear disease, routine cleaning with your groomer ( once to three times per week) is recommended.

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