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Anti-snoring mouthpieces are also known as dental appliances, or mandibular advancement splints. Place the mouthpiece into your mouth (the right way up) still holding the mouthpiece by the spatula. If you do not stop snoring completely, remould with your jaw extended a little further forward. If you have chosen a kettle, then you will need a container or mug deep enough to submerge the mouthpiece. Snoring, mild or severe is one habit that is extremely disturbing to anyone who might be trying to catch a few winks. The SnoreDoc Mouthpiece is an excellent solution to help you stop snoring through the night. This is because the position of your jaw while using the mouthpiece is a position that your jaw and your mouth is not used to. As you can see, the SnoreDoc Mouthpiece is truly a marvelous product that can effectively help you overcome all your snoring problems.

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This Snore Stop mouthpiece works by keeping the lower jaw in line with the upper jaw and this way it will effectively prevent the throat from getting restricted.
In addition, your partner probably interrupts your sleep frequently in an endeavour to stop you snoring.
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This mouthpiece holds your lower jaw high enough so as to avoid curbing the air passage through your throat. It should be remembered that the feeling of having a mouthpiece inside your mouth will need some getting used to and this will take some time as you will have to get accustomed to this new device in your mouth.
Order your very own Snore Stop mouthpiece right away and see for yourself how truly amazing this product is!

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This mouthpiece is made of soft plastic and should be placed inside your mouth before you go off to sleep. Also as you are not used to having a mouthpiece in your mouth, you may develop a pain in your jaw initially. On the other hand, if you experience severe pain or discomfort, consult your doctor and see if it is the mouthpiece itself that is causing the discomfort. The anti-snoring mouthpiece opens up the airway, eliminating the vibrations we call snoring.

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