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I fly over 175,000 miles a year and I’ve seen all kinds of methods and contraptions that passengers use to try and sleep better on airplanes. If you want to sleep on a plane, the best seat is usually next to a window so you have something to lean against and you don’t have to worry about your seatmates waking you so they can use the loo. When boarding, be sure to let the flight attendant know not to wake you for food or drink if you don’t want any, and kindly tell your seatmate when sitting down that you plan on sleeping and not to let the flight attendants wake you.
When I want to sleep on a flight I prefer to put my seat back and recline, but I have an issue with lumber support and ending up with a sore lower back. This entry was posted in Travel Hints and Tips and tagged Adapter Plugs, Beauty Sleep, Body Temperature, Bulkhead, chiropractor, Cnn, Country Flight, Cross Country, Cruise Planners, Cus, Ear Plugs, Enya, Flights, Have2Cruise, Have2Travel, Headphone, Headrests, Helen Brahms, Hemi Sync, Il Divo, International Flight, legroom, Noise Reducing Headphones, Perfect Size, Planes, Sleeping Through The Rain, travel, Travel Blanket, Travel Pillow, Travelers, Window Seat.
Overnight flights can be either start your trip off on the right foot (you usually get an extra day of travel out of it), or can be a total bummer if you don’t get a wink of sleep on the plane. Like it or not, some people can be loud on planes, and children can be extra chatty or disruptive. Unless you’re travelling in first class all the time (we wish!), plane blankets are either a touch too small, or quite thin.
If sleep is super important to you, have a healthy meal at home before getting on the plane. And when you arrive… how to cope with jetlag The real challenge comes when you reach your destination.

In that case, pop on your noise-cancelation headphones or ear buds and play soft music, an audio book or meditation music to drown out the noise and put you to sleep. I always carry a pashmina as it doubles as a blanket since I’m always freezing on a plane. Well this was an interesting heading since there is not much on a plane you can take control of!
If I have been provided with a airline pillow or asked for one, I place that in the small of my back to give some support my lower back region making it more comfortable for me. I very leery of using sleeping aids like over-the-counter or prescription drugs that can affect your ability to operate with alertness should the need arise.
They are essential to a good sleep since they block out any extra light that may be coming from your seatmate’s TV or reading light.
If you tend to get chilly on planes, bring an extra blanket and inflatable pillow to get extra comfy (Air Transat sells an overnight package that includes an extra blanket, inflatable neck pillow, earplugs and socks that you can save and reuse on future flights).
Eating a big meal late at night and only an hour before they dim the lights will get your digestive system working in overtime – that means less quality sleep time for you.
The way to do this is to avoid dehydration, have a walk around the plane every hour or so (aisle seat better for this) and avoid your legs going to sleep due to drug or alcohol induced sleep.
You will never sleep soundly with neck flopping around and most times in a painful position.

Here are the best tips for a great sleep on the plane without turning to medical sleeping aides. Note: If it causes tangles in your hair at the back, try placing the straps in the middle of the back of your head, and pulling the top portion of your hair out above them. Was on a flight from SFO to NY, its was an early flight and the back half of the plane was empty.
The seats on the plane are not tall enough for him to be able to put his head back…even with the headrests that can be pulled up. Another part of being comfortable that I like to do is to make sure my skin doesn’t dry out with the plane air. I’m sure we have a chiropractor or two out there who would love to comment on the best way to sleep on a plane.

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