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How to sleep better at night naturally, fatigue cancer - Review

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Actually, no, those words don’t adequately describe how terrible I felt due to my inability to sleep. Even though I had struggled with insomnia and had trouble sleeping for several months before this (and to a much lesser extent throughout my life), after those five days of not being able to sleep until five (and then having to wake up to take care of the baby around 6:30), I knew I needed professional help. If you said yes to any of these questions, it’s a pretty good sign that you are NOT getting enough sleep. For me there are 3 major components to getting better sleep that helped me sleep through the night.
These days there seem to be more and more people who have trouble sleeping, who can’t sleep through the night, and who are desperately looking for tips on how to sleep better naturally.
I remember five nights in a row where I went to bed before 9 PM only to stay awake until nearly 5 AM. Five nights staring at the ceiling and feeling anxious as I watched the clock tick for HOURS.
Even if you dedicate 8 – 9 hours for sleep (like me), you may be unknowingly sabotaging quality sleep through a number of ways. It’s hard to really distill into a single blog post everything that made a difference in my ability to sleep through the night.

I highly recommend downloading f.lux for free on your computer and putting down your phone at night (or download an anti-blue light app). Using some black out curtains (or I found these cheap and easy black out covers) may be the single thing you need to get an extra hour of uninterrupted sleep at night.
Stop torturing your health with sleepless nights and anxiety over the health consequences of not sleeping well. I always knew it was hormones and bio-rhythms keeping me from sleep, along with the other external factors like computer screens and too much light and activity. Luckily, there are some great tips for better sleep for those who can sleep at night: Natural remedies for insomnia. Well, for starters I believe that no matter how perfect your diet is, or how consistent you are with exercise, if you aren’t getting quality sleep your health will suffer.
By four I’d give up, get out of bed and scour the internet for more answers to help my sleep issues.
You can also grab a cheap pair of glasses (like these) to block blue light at night when watching tv. If you are like me, and have seriously issues around sleep I highly recommend making sleep a priority.

Not perfect (after all, I still have two young children with their own sleep issues), but I feel more energized than I have in YEARS. I found avoiding artificial lights to be one of the biggest helps in sleep through the night.
However, I do think if you’re having troubled sleeping that you should consider the type of carbs you are eating, and when.
Not only will this guide walk you through the most common (and in some cases super subtle, but really important) pitfalls people tend to make with regard to sleep, but they will give you an actionable plan to change for the better.
Without going into too much detail (this post is already a million years long), most people who can’t sleep at night have hormonal imbalances.
To get to the root of your sleep issue you really want to balance those hormones and get your cortisol levels corrected, with higher levels in the morning and lower levels at night. Eating your (quality) carbs later in the day help your body’s natural cortisol and melatonin rhythms.

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