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How treat prevent running injuries: hamstring, When you think of a hamstring injury, you may picture a sprinter motoring down the homestretch of a race and suddenly lurching in pain, grabbing the back of his leg. Whether you’re in the mountains, along the coast or elsewhere, these tried and tested winter gear options will keep you running safely and comfortably in frosty temperatures. This lightweight, short sleeve jacket will protect you against the wind while still allowing heat and sweat to escape to prevent overheating and chills.
Aside from shoes and a hat, the best way to preserve body heat and to stay dry when running in snowy, windy and frigid conditions is to wear the right base layer, and the rapid-wicking Capilene crew from Patagonia gets it right.

Whether you prefer morning or evening runs, this all-weather waterproof jacket keeps the wind and moisture out and the heat in, while its reflective elements and glow-in-the-dark zipper ensures visibility.
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The key to cold weather running is layering to trap body heat while still allowing sweat to escape.
They are made from a double-sided fabric that controls odor, wicks moisture and circulates body heat while utilizing compression technology to support and reduce fatigue in your leg muscles.

These ice grippers are like snow chains for your running shoes, as they provide traction when walking or running on slick surfaces. The two-way stretch gives it a thin, lightweight feel, while strategically placed seams provide support to targeted muscle groups.

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