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You probably landed on this page in search of someone who actually has heard of Misophonia and understands what it is.
Most people develop Misophonia in late childhood or early adolescence, around age 10-12, and will often get worse as the person gets older, with more and more sounds becoming triggers. People with the disorder are not bothered by the loudness of sound – rather it is the softer, repetitive, common sounds such as gum chewing, tapping, texting, breathing, snoring, and eating that drive them up the wall. Acupuncture for Tinnitus I have had acupuncture for tinnitus, and feel that it has lessened it a bit, but it’s still there. To start it out I have tinnitus, have had in for a little over two year, in was noise induced.
Aug 28, 2007 – Tinnitus is perception of sound when there is no apparent source of sound.
Research has shown that the more you try to fight your tinnitus the more your brain actually tunes into it.
The Royal National Throat Nose and Ear Hospital in London, England offers 8 week mindfulness based cognitive therapy groups for people with tinnitus.

In fact, there was a research study at the University of California in San Francisco that tested the effectiveness of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction programs for patients with tinnitus. Again, the meditation practices give tinnitus sufferers the tools to acknowledge the tinnitus and live with it and many have reported overcoming the anxiety and depression they previously associated with it. People with Misophonia have an extreme physical and emotional reaction to certain sounds, often becoming enraged or anxious at the sound of chewing or someone clearing his throat. In other words, somebody with Misophonia has an extreme reaction to certain sounds which is way out of the ordinary. I went to a concert last night and I am now suffering from a mild tinnitus in my left ear only.
Tinnitus is a condition characterised by noise in the ears (often described as buzzing, whistling, humming or ringing) which has no obvious cause. Most participants show a clinically significant improvement in measures of tinnitus distress and emotional well-being.
There are a number of research projects and studies that are combining meditation and chanting to measure its effects on tinnitus.

So, instead of emptying your mind, you are asked to observe what is present, including your tinnitus, and anxieties about it. We do not have a cure yet but we do have treatments that are working well and helping people live quality lives. Many times the only way of coping with the sound is to get up and physically leave the dinner table or situation. We are optimistic that one day we will have a clear answer as to what is happening in the brain with regards to Misophonia. Many people who suffer from Misophonia experience such intense anxiety that they begin to display avoidance behaviors in which they isolate themselves socially. We are not talking about just being occasionally irritated about someone who has poor manners.

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