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How to help someone with depression, depressed quotes - Review

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About six months into my marriage, I started to go through a really intense episode of depression. If you liked this article, please sign up for my newsletter, The Northern Lights, a bi-weekly email filled with inspirational and uplifting content. When a friend or family member is suffering from depression, it is difficult to know what to do or say. Unfortunately, depression is hard for even mental health professionals to pinpoint and treat, since there are several different forms of this illness, from debilitating major depression to more unique forms, such as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and postpartum depression.
The most important thing to know is depression is more serious than sadness, and so there are some things that are better to say and do than others.
It's hard, too, to be on the outside and not know why someone you care about is all of the sudden in the dumps and no longer enjoying things they used to or should love.
People can exhibit symptoms of depression in many different ways: sadness, irritability, social withdrawal, self-destructive behaviors, loss of interest in activities, change in appetite, change in sleep, and so on. Regardless, it would help to show your friend you understand that depression isn't: a sign of weakness, something they should be embarrassed about, or something they should hide. Again, most importantly, if your friend begins to express any hints she might hurt herself or someone else, you should contact the authorities for help because you can't do this on your own. When someone you know and love is clinically depressed, you want to be there for that person.

De–stress your life, sleep better, and conquer depression with the latest news and insights on mood management, plus special offers. The nature of depression is to drain energy and hope from the body, leaving us feeling helpless and alone. After that moment with my wife, we had to have a lot of conversations about what we could do to deal with and overcome the depression—together. While a friend who is depressed might not study for weeks on end, avoid spending time with friends and family for weeks on end, and may fail classes or lose their job.
Hope Racine writes on the Huffington Post about a few lessons she learned while loving someone with depression, including stop wondering if you somehow caused the depression. You can get guidance from a professional (a school guidance counselor, the National Suicide Prevention Hotline, or others you know) to help find the best strategy to help a loved one. If you've been through depression yourself, sharing that fact could take away any fear the person has of sharing what they're going through. Depression carries a terrible stigma, and that keeps people from getting the help they need. Depression, however, is more extreme: symptoms last longer, emotions are more intense, and everyday life is simply harder to maintain. Also, trying to help someone in emotional distress can be draining and stressful for you, so remember to take care of your own emotional health too.

You might have to collaborate with other friends and family members if it gets very serious and your friend still resists.
As soon as I felt safe, I felt like I could open up and explore options for help (professional and otherwise).
Depression, on the other hand, is a medical illness or disorder that can sometimes be devastating (every 30 seconds, somewhere in the world someone takes his or her life.
Some people need medication just be able to get out of bed in the morning, others find psychotherapy helpful, others take it one episode at a time.
You could help your friend find a center or a therapist (and if the therapist doesn't work out, as sometimes happens, encourage her to keep at it until she finds someone who can help. No one would avoid the doctor if they were having severe heart pain or broke their leg, depression is no less of an important health issue. Even doing just one small thing daily, like making the bed every morning, can help when you feel overwhelmed.

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