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Adobe Acrobat eBook Reader has been tested by Softonic, but it still doesn't have a review in English. A security update has been released by Adobe for Adobe Reader and Acrobat for Windows and Mac. Step 3: Internet Archive TextsYou've probably seen a few out-of-print television commercials, after-school specials or instructional videos at the Internet Archive, like this motivation one or this one for letterpress printing. Other Notable Places to Get Free eBooksThe ones above are the best and most versatile places on the web to get free reading content for your e-Reader, but there are some still worth visiting. He invented eBooks way back in 1971 (yes—they're that old!) and to this day, continues to make free eBooks available to all who wish to download them at Project Gutenberg.

Here they are:Baen Publishing Enterprises - Just search for a book (available web, Kindle, MOBI, Palm, ePUB, Nook, RTF, HTML and more). Just go to the website and do a search, making sure the "only show ebooks" option is checked.
All the titles are free and perfectly legal, so you don`t have to worry about copyright issues. You probably emptied the bank switching over to DVD, and God forbid you upgraded to Blu-ray.
With eBooks replacing hardcovers and paperbacks, you're in for easier reading access, portability and saving some space, but you're also going to shell out some cash to build up your library.But you don't have to.

They have tons of great digital literature for sell, but you shouldn't waste your money unless necessary (or want to). There's plenty of free options out there, so make sure you exhaust the free before you receive the fee.The majority of the free eBooks available are either promotional items or older, out-of-copyright, pre-1923 books, which account for nearly 2 million titles.
And it doesn't matter what device you own, or if you prefer reading digital copies on your computer, because you can convert almost any of the common eBook files into the version you need using something like Calibre.

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