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ITV news correspondent Nina Nannar has written a blog about her 14 years living with tinnitus. It was scary at first - people kill themselves with tinnitus I was told by a helpful friend, the noise drives them mad. Like an early warning system, it is louder when I am coming down with something, a cold maybe, or I am tired.

We also have useful discussion forum on tinnitus, where you can share tips and talk about useful products that help to alleviate the effects of tinnitus. It drives me to distraction but the truth is that I simply live with it, and have accepted that it will never be cured. The theory is that something happened to my ears on the long plane journeys - the cabin pressure combined with perhaps an ear infection I may have picked up in India.

It came complete with hearing loss after I'd been on two long flights back to back - two big family weddings (Indian weddings, therefore big) in LA and then India.

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