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Yes, the numbers of babies who passed away from SIDS declined in the years after Back to Sleep was introduced, but that could be from more accurately diagnosing the cause of death.
The rise of torticollis and other medical issues can be linked to the start of the Back to Sleep campaign. To illustrate the point, you might also just never ever go outside even when there’s no sign of a thunderstorm because it reduces your risk of getting hit by lightning.
I put my kids down on their backs, but once they could roll over, they’d always end up on their tummies.
My oldest had torticollis and ended up with a flattened side of his head, but I don’t blame that on the Back To Sleep campaign.
The reason that babies are supposed to sleep on their backs is because, even though they sleep better on their tummies, they also sleep deeper. My daughter was born with spina bifida and the nurses at the hospital have been so brainwashed wish the back to sleep thing that they immediately went to put her on her back when she came out. With my first (5yrs ago) I was so nervous about having him on his belly I put him on his back but after a couple of months started putting him on his tummy during nap time (napped so much better and I was awake so vigilant).

It used to be that any unexplained baby death would be ruled as SIDS, and now we’re more sophisticated. One sleepless night, in a fit of desperation and my mom’s voice echoing “babies love to sleep on their tummies”, I put him to sleep on his stomach. Also, my kids hit milestones much faster than any back sleeping kids and have better muscle tone.
They put them to sleep on their tummies there because they have all the appropriate monitors.
My baby sleeps very well because of it, his neck and shoulders are strong, and he doesn’t have a flat backed head. There’s a good amount of research that shows that back sleeping may very well not be good for kids development if you look for it.
My friend was not so lucky and the first day home from the hospital while her daughter was sleeping on her tummy, she stopped breathing.
She had a fragile jelly liuke bubble sticking out of her back holding her spinal cord, putting her on her back and bursting that bubble would have most likely killed her, yet they are so brainwashed by this that they almost did it without even thinking.

When we brought them home, we tried putting them to sleep on their backs and quickly learned that we would all be happier with them sleeping on their tummies, and so they did.
Just think of how awful it would feel to be lying flat on your back with a tummy ache and unable to have relief. My son HAD to be woken up every 3 hours when he first came home from the hospital because of a metabolic issue, so I know what feeling sleep-deprived is. People are very quick to quote The American Academy of Pediatrics in relation to back sleeping when it comes to SIDS, but you see plenty of dissent towards the same group of doctors when the subject is shifted to circumcision. But, I would gladly sacrifice my own sleep to know that I am doing what I can to keep my little one healthy. A belly full of milk and a warm mattress, he’s my best sleeper yet, with a nice round head.

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