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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, as the name suggests, refers to a constant feeling of being tired physically and mentally — almost like the body’s vital systems are switched off or are working on a low battery.
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome can be very efficiently treated with natural Homeopathic remedies. Arsenic Album is the best natural Homeopathic medicine for persons with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome who feel like lying down all the time due to excessive fatigue. Kali Phos is a very beneficial natural Homeopathic remedy for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome where the slightest mental or physical exertion leads to extreme fatigue. Gelsemium is the top natural Homeopathic medicine for extreme drowsiness accompanying fatigue. Both Phosphoric Acid and Ignatia are prominent natural Homeopathic remedies to deal with Chronic Fatigue Symptom cases where grief and depression predominate.
Picric Acid is the natural Homeopathic remedy that is prescribed when mental debility with extremely weak memory advancing to complete loss is the main symptom of Chronic Fatigue Symptom.
Sarcolacticum Acidum is the top natural Homeopathic remedy for Chronic Fatigue Symptom patients who have the feeling of utmost fatigue in morning time. Onosmodium is an ideal natural Homeopathic remedy for Chronic Fatigue Symptom patients who have head or vision complaints along with exhaustion. Both Selenium and Conium are best natural Homeopathic medicines for patients of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome who suffer from extreme prostration from sexual indulgence.
I have terrible fatigue all the time especially in the morning, estrogen dominance, muscle weakness and soreness, exersise makes me worse, I also have hypothyroidism, confirmed hashimotos. The term Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) refers to a disorder portrayed by profound fatigue with normal activities that comes on suddenly with no obvious cause. Homeopathic medicines have shown an overwhelming positive response in treating CFS by producing the best results.
The appropriate homeopathic treatment for CFS depends on the individual's constitutional type. Hence, every person suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome must consider homeopathy to provide relief and lifetime cure. Chronic fatigue syndrome is a fairly common disorder- over a million Americans are affected by this disorder.
Your physician may prescribe medications to treat the various symptoms of your chronic fatigue. This is an herb that has been used to combat fatigue and increase energy in Asia for centuries.

The symptoms of mononucleosis may respond to treatment with the homeopathic remedy, Mercurius solubis. The remedy Arsenicum may relieve certain symptoms of fatigue and weakness associated with Epstein-Barr and chronic fatigue syndrome. JB Bardot is trained in herbal medicine and homeopathy, and has a post graduate degree in holistic nutrition. Standing, walking and the slightest exertion result in fatigue and lying down provides some relief to the person. The person needing Gelsemium will complain of sleepiness throughout the day with disabling fatigue. Phosphoric Acid is a Homeopathic remedy of great help when mental and physical weakness with dullness and impaired memory are marked symptoms.
Such persons wake up feeling exhausted in the morning and the fatigue continues throughout the day. Click This link To Understand the Side Effects of the above mentioned Homeopathic Medicines. Based on the hypothesis of "like cures like" and a deep emphasis on the principles of holistic medicine (treat the whole person), Homeopathic remedies work by stimulating the body's own healing power by introducing tiny doses of natural substances that stimulates a person's immune system and defense system to correct itself naturally. This fatigue is so severe that it cannot be relieved by getting bed rest and can significantly interfere with daily activities. However, since there is no conventional treatment for CFS, many people seek alternative and complementary treatments. JB Bardot does not provide personal consultations, treatments or suggestions for individuals regarding dosing or experiencing any health conditions or diseases. Sourced from natural substances, the Homeopathic medicines help the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patients by increasing the body stamina and threshold for fatigue against a particular level of exertion.
For Homeopathic medicine Conium to be prescribed, the important symptoms are increased fatigue, weakness especially in morning time and from walking. CFS is also known as myalgic encephalomyelitis, post viral fatigue syndrome, chronic fatigue and immune dysfunction syndrome. Due to the individualized approach of homeopathy a remedy which matches all of your symptoms will stimulate your vital force to restore balance and health.
An experienced homeopath assesses all of these factors when determining the most appropriate remedy for each individual. However, one study involving 96 individuals who suffered from persistent fatigue found that the Siberian Ginseng was not better at reducing fatigue than the placebo.

Epstein-Barr is often confused with chronic fatigue syndrome because the symptoms are similar. Astragulus may be helpful in the treatment of fatigue and weakness, symptoms that are common in Epstein-Barr.
Homeopathic medicines treat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome not by exterminating viruses, but by strengthening our vital force which is an intelligent energy principle in our body, that balances many functions and provides protection from illness.
There may be fever, fatigue and weakness along with other symptoms that are unresponsive to antibiotics. Natural Homeopathic medicine Ignatia is best suited for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome when a depressed state of mind, with weeping spells and changeable moods, is noticed with fatigue.
Along with mental fatigue, muscle weakness and heaviness in whole body may also be present. Certain alternative treatments may relieve symptoms, although some remedies may also produce side effects. The fatigue is marked to such an extent that it puts a hindrance in the daily routine work and resting does not bring much relief.
A homeopathic medicine decodes them with its natural and holistic remedial powers and attains CURE. The exact cause of Chronic Fatigue Symptom is not clear, but various factors have been linked to it. These include viral infection (Epstein Barr virus, herpes simplex virus1 and 2, measles virus , cytomegalovirus), dysfunction of immune system, genetic predisposition towards Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, hormonal imbalance and stress. Homeopathic medicines, which are made from natural substances, are of great help in the treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Stressed mind and worries accompanying Chronic Fatigue Syndrome are also effectively cured by Homeopathic medicine Kali Phos. The natural homeopathic remedies for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome will not only increase the body’s stamina, but will also energise the body’s immune system that will ultimately help in the cure of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

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