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Home remedies for constipation in cats, sudden onset of fatigue in pregnancy - Try Out

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The first thing to do if your cat is suffering an acute bout of constipation is to contact the vet. An acute bout of constipation can occur in a previously healthy cat or a cat with chronic constipation can experience an acute bout. For a cat experiencing an acute bout of constipation, delivering a remedy directly to the rectum may be the best approach, depending on the particular situation. Feline Pet-ema – Sized for cats and available without prescription, Feline Pet-ema contains Dioctyl Sodium Sulfosuccinate (DSS), a stool softener, in glycerine, with Sorbic Acid as a preservative. FLEET® Liquid Glycerin Enema – FLEET makes a small disposable pre-lubricated enema for human use which contains only glycerin.
See below for learning to do a simple colon examination at home to better evaluate the situation or consult your vet to determine current status.
However, there remains a further problem for us – we have no idea of the situation in the bowel. Learning to physically monitor the status of the constipated cat's situation helps us select the best approach and when it is time to head immediately to the vet for assistance.
Some remedies provide their own lubrication or are pre-lubricated, others require us to lubricate them. They can be helpful during an acute bout of constipation but are not the most healthful choice for ongoing care for a cat with chronic constipation, they are recommended for short-term use. The number 3350 describes its average molecular weight and distinguishes Miralax from polyethylene 300 or polyethylene 400, for instance.

Be forewarned that beets may also color the urine, a harmless effect, and that will probably occur more quickly than the beets coloring the stool. Cats are quirky and sensitive creatures and can all too easily be poisoned by some OTC human treatments. For a mild bout of constipation, a quarter teaspoonful of olive oil can be given for acute treatment but cats require animal fat sources, not plant oils, so olive oil is not suitable for ongoing care. Because oral petrolatum products can deplete fat-soluble vitamins as they pass through the digestive tract, hairball remedies have some vitamins added. The dailiness of chronic constipation means the treatment needs not only to be effective but very safe over the long term. Note that only plain lubricants should be used, nothing scented or enhanced, no mint or chocolate flavors, no chemicals added for 'warming' or to 'tingle on contact' please!
Your cat is an intelligent being and while not every word will be understood, cats pick up on our intent and our intent informs our action. The point of a warm water enema is not to flush the colon, like preparation for a colonoscopy or bowel surgery, but to increase rectal volume just enough to provide a sufficient signal to the enteric nervous system that something needs to be done. What might work well enough for occasional treatment may not be suitable for long-term care. If we think, for instance, that taking a temperature or using a micro-enema requires us to 'shove something up a cat's ass,' that is exactly what we will do with predictably negative results. On hair, hairball remedies act like creme rinses to keep hair from tangling into a ball although they will not untangle a ball which has already formed.

In any event, osmotic laxatives do not 'catch up with' the stool already formed to act as stool softeners. The unique sensitivity of cats as a species means any treatment, whether short or long term, must be especially safe. The adult enema contains 7.5 ml which is within reason for a little cat enema but it still may be prudent to deliver only part of the solution initially. They are better used to prevent trouble than to deal with a serious bout of constipation and are not suitable for impacted stool. If the accumulated stool in the rectum is too large to pass comfortably through the anus in response to the signal, and is rock hard, even a small enema can be very uncomfortable for the cat unless the stool is first softened. As we know, the gut is self lubricating but additional lubrication may help during an acute bout of constipation.
It triggers nerve endings in the large intestine and rectum, causing the muscles to contract more often and with greater force which moves the contents of the colon into the rectum and out into the litter box. Several doses of hairball remedy spaced a few hours apart may be enough to get a cat over an acute bout of constipation but these remedies are not a long-term solution and they must travel through the digestive tract to reach their goal. If the reluctant stool is large, clearly it is better to have the stool softened before it is forced out.

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