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Hissing sound in headphones, snoreeze - Reviews

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That means if you run out of batteries then you’re out of luck, so if you do opt for these headphones be sure to carry a couple of spares. If you’ve got the headphones switched on but no music playing, the hissing sound of white noise is extremely obvious, and very distracting.
Instead sound is boisterous with plenty of low-end kick, and works best with hip-hop and rock music. The Beats Executive aim to please the jet-set business crowd with noise-cancellation tech, while maintaining the ostentatious style and sound that’s made the brand popular. I noticed that I couldn’t get the right sound levels out of the right earcup unless I pressed the speaker toward my head for a moment. You’ll notice it most during song intros and fade-outs, when the music you were enjoying is gradually replaced by disorienting sound-cancelling buzz. Unfortunately that prominent hiss also cancelled out any desire to pay ?270 for these headphones.

If you do dial the noise levels too high you’ll find sound leaking out however, potentially earning you an annoyed glance from colleagues or fellow commuters. The USB Digital to Analogue Audio Converter & Headphone Amp (DAC) is certainly a mouthful, but it's also a fairly comprehensive list of this sound card's features. It's worth noting, however, that the high impedance of the pre-amp will produce a hissing sound if you connect most earphones designed for use with MP3 players. However, its output is stereo only and it lacks advanced features such as virtual surround sound or environmental audio for games. A switch on the back allows you to choose which of the three inputs' signals are sent to the headphone and phono outputs. You’d be better off taking a look at the Sennheiser Momentum, or shopping around for noise-cancelling headphones with better sound-eliminating technology. Disregarding this issue, audio quality proved to be excellent, both through our 150 ohm impedance headphones and when we connected our powered speakers to the phono outputs, which don't go through a pre-amp stage.

No unwanted characteristics are added to the sound by the audio processor, which means that you hear the music exactly as it's recorded, with the only modifications being made by whatever EQ settings you're using in your media player software. It's great if you need to connect one or more digital audio sources to a pair of powered stereo speakers and could be a valuable link in some hi-fi systems. It's worth noting that the DAC is only designed to work with 2-channel audio, so it can't handle Dolby or DTS encoded 5.1 audio streams, but can take any plain PCM stream and output stereo sound.
However, if you're primarily in need of a USB sound card, the Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Surround 5.1 is similarly priced and has a wider range of features in terms of connectivity, gaming audio and surround sound.

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