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The ringing sounds can come in various tones, ranging from periodic buzzing (or roaring, hissing, whistling or tinkling) in my ears. As my constant ringing ears is affecting my routine life, I decided to try out some other alternative to have my tinnitus treated. Keep in mind that although ringing ears is not a life threatening illness, it is however an irritating chronic issue.

Foods that had high content of salt, caffeine or alcoholic tend to induce the ringing sounds in your ears. Relaxation workout such as deep meditation, yoga stretches can quiet the nerves and reroute your subconscious to suppress the most annoying ringing sound in the ears.
I’m not on any medication right now to control my blood pressure and have adopted exercise (slow walk and swimming) to have my hypertension in control.

Ever since I started to switch the coffee beverages to fruit juices, my ringing ears had improved significantly.

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