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Starting with sound generators, audiometers (hearing testing machines) are the most accessible to most clinicians. Persons with superior canal dehiscence, may have very large responses to sound, but again they are variable - they may have small or large openings in their superior canal, they may have bilateral dehiscence. ENG systems are generally terrible for Tullio's -- they combine low resolution with a lack of an ability to know when the sound was generated. Response triggered averaging could potentially make ENG testing superior to office-based Tullio testing.

In our practice in Chicago, we do this ourselves (in persons who complain of sound sensitivity), and think that this is rarely positive, but still worth the minimal effort that it takes to assess Tullio's. This inexpensive device, also useful for the extremely useful vibration test, produces a loud low-pitched buzzing noise that can provoke dizziness and nystagmus in persons with Tullio's, when put close to the ear for a second.
We do not recommend that you use this type of device or other sound generator unless you have calibrated it are certain that it does not produce injurious noise. While the literature mainly concerns people with profound sound sensitivity, in reality, there is a broad spectrum of sensitivity.

The most common method is simply to ask the patient if they are dizzy, or perhaps to watch their eyes. Because Tullio's is generally not elicited by soft sounds, the pitfall of this method is that in most persons, the stimulus is not loud enough to cause any problem.

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