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High pitched sounds cats hate, stop the ringing in my ears today - Review

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As a canine and feline sound expert, I already knew about research showing that high pitched sounds agitate dogs and cats. Although it’s very difficult to avoid these sounds altogether, the volume of the sound also had an effect on seizures, with the louder volume causing more severe seizures. Certainly, cats have better hearing than humans do, so many sounds that are annoying to us, must be even more annoying to a cat and could likely produce health problems if the noise is too loud in some cases.

Vets have discovered a rare feline disorder in which a seizure is triggered by high pitched or metallic sounds. Recently, The Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery published a study showing that certain sharp high-pitched household sounds can cause seizures in certain breeds of older cats. We have had a number of older cats over the decades, but none of them ever had seizures when it came to the sounds that were described in the article.

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