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High pitched ringing from computer, tinnitus drug development - For Begninners

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Under normal use, motherboards should be silent: the only noises a motherboard should make are optional boot message beeps and ambient noise from any fans attached to devices that connect to the motherboard. Motherboard Code BeepsA single, split-second high-pitched beep is normal for some motherboard models: the sound indicates that the system is ready to boot.
Loose InductorA loose inductor can create a very high-pitched noise that's difficult for many people to even hear.
Failing CapacitorFailing capacitors make an indistinguishably similar noise to loose inductors: an extremely high-pitched ringing noise.
Yes I actually got down to that yesterday, I could sort of clean out the fan but I couldn't separate it from the motherboard.
TIPIf you use compressed airto clean the dust from the fan DO NOTlet the fan spin it is not designed to spin at speeds exceeding what it wasmeant to and will if left spinning with the air blast will wreck the bearing.If the fan is tight to turn then it needs replacing as the bearings are usuallysealed.

Other motherboard beeps, which vary in pitch within the human singing voice range, are used to identify hardware problems with the device. Some motherboards with built-in graphics cards and high-end northbridge chips come with installed fans.
Very high-pitched noises that are higher than what a person could emulate with their voice indicate hardware problems.
If the motherboard won't turn on correctly, there's no way to view the error code on the screen, so the beep sound functions to tell someone trying to fix the computer what the problem is. However, if the inductor comes loose from the motherboard it may start vibrating ever so slightly -- but incredibly quickly -- such that it produces a high-pitched noised similar to the ringing someone hears in their ears following a very loud noise.
If you open the computer and look at the motherboard, failing capacitors may appear to be bulging out of place.

However, the majority of the fans in the computer are not connected to the motherboard and are more likely to be the cause of the high-pitched noise: many are so close to the motherboard it may be difficult to pin down the exact source of the noise.
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Inductors are used on the motherboard to prevent irregularities in the electrical current from damaging other hardware components.
If a motherboard fan is failing, it should be replaced as soon as possible to prevent the part it cools from overheating and breaking.

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