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And all the while, the six-year-old girl behind us screamed her piercing, high-pitched scream, cheering the performers on.
So if you can hear these high-pitched sounds, you’ve got the bittersweet blessing of having excellent hearing, but also of being sensitive to painful sounds that people like me will never hear.
I used to work with someone who had totally trashed his hearing from working with very high amplitude ultrasonics. I have the same experience as Art (#10) and Kari (#14): I can hear all tones, but the 15 kHz one sounds the highest to me. Those that are having problems with the high frequencies sounding lower you most likely are past the the signal response of your listening device or the limits of the sound card in your computer.

The physics of sound waves is such that high-frequency sounds have less energy and attenuate faster than low frequency sounds. Been to lots of very loud dance parties and gigs, had ringing ears for days after some of them, still have some tinnitus that I only notice when I go to bed, and can’t easily hear people speak in noisy spaces when friends can hear them. Vets have discovered a rare feline disorder in which a seizure is triggered by high pitched or metallic sounds. And while one of us found the high pitched screaming to be a minor annoyance, the other was simply in agony. In the other ones there’s definitely a sound, but it sounds lower in pitch and more muffled.

Of course one needs high quality headphones,or speakers, not the usual computer add-ons.My GP says hearing normal for my age- I worry about what it will be like when I’m old! From 15k on the tone I heard was some lower harmonics not the shimmering high pitch itself. If you have compressed air available, carefully blow the dust from everything as you pull it out.

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