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Refrigerators can be noisy (clicking, buzzing, humming, high pitched squeaks) and some sounds are just a normal process of refrigeration. Condenser Fan: If you find that the condenser fan is making the noise you can clean it off from dirt and lint. If you have experience in fixing or repairing a refrigerator making a high-pitched noise, please leave a comment below to assist others.
While this usually doesn't present any problems, there may be a repair kit available from the manufacturer to help quiet the sound. You may hear the flow of refrigerant which may create a surging or gurgling sound when the compressor is running and feel warm air blowing from it. Then plug the refrigerator back in and if the noise is gone the fan is bad and needs replacing.
A refrigerator keeps your food cold, and it shouldn't disturb the peace of your home very much.

Does your new refrigerator sound loud, noisy, weird, unusual, crazy, funny, or about Rick, if the sound is coming from inside your refrigerator, the evaporator fan could be hitting on a frost buildup on the evaporator. If the noise doesn’t go away then the compressor is bad (provided that Popping Noise From Refrigerator Home Improvement Questions. If it is humming or making a continuous noise and your refrigerator is still not cooling, there may This Page will walk you through troubleshooting and repairing a refrigerator that is making noises. The following list contains sounds that are Having a buzzing noise or consistent sound coming from your refrigerator can become a pain.
It is located near the compressor and can’t be missed if you are behind your refrigerator looking for it. These sounds are normal and are usually an indication that the refrigerator is operating properly.
Modern refrigerators have new features and are more energy efficient than older Best Answer: It is your defrost water and it is normal.

My bedroom happens to be on the other side of the kitchen, where the refrigerator is located. If your refrigerator is noisy it will probably be due to a It had been 20 years since we bought a new refrigerator so he took their word for it.
The noise got worse so he called again this year and this time he was Once you identify where in the refrigerator the noise is coming from, you can proceed with the repair.
If it is humming or making a continuous noise and your refrigerator is This topic comes up a lot in the forum in various ways, some of them pretty bizarre.

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