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High pitched baby noises, sleeping problems after surgery - Try Out

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Bonobos use high-pitched peeps to communicate with one another in a variety of situations, like feeding as shown above. The short, high pitched peeps produced by bonobos may be similar to the first attempts by our early ancestors to communicate within their own groups. Babies produce noises known as protophones which they use to express themselves before they have learned to speak.
You might initially hear this guttural noise when your baby is having a bowel movement, but she may also do it at other times to relieve tension or to express frustration or boredom. Although this throaty noise isn't as common as some other baby sounds, within the first six months many babies do growl -- and it doesn't mean they're unleashing their inner animal.
As your baby gets older, he may also growl to express displeasure, like when he doesn't want to be smothered in kisses by Aunt Gretchen or he's mad that you're not feeding him fast enough.

Don't be surprised if you hear your baby engaged in a full monologue, in a language of her own. Scientists believe this is similar to the way human babies use babbled noises, known as protophones, to indicate what they are feeling or what they want before they learn to speakThe findings could provide valuable new insights into how humans developed the ability the use language to communicate in the first place.
In fact, sighing may actually serve a useful function: It can be your baby's way of relaxing and letting you know that he is content. Later on, when your baby laughs at something external -- the look on your face when she flings all of her food onto the floor, for instance -- it means she's starting to develop a sense of humor, and she clearly finds you amusing.
So try responding in kind using different lengths and pitches and giving him time to imitate you.
Using vocabulary to describe what your baby is experiencing will help him pick up words, understand his feelings, and learn the rhythms of conversation.

In fact, your baby will actually make a range of sounds in her first year-- from the delightful to the downright strange.
When she hears the high pitched noises, which sound similar to a dog's squeaky toy, she will dutifully pick the noisy egg up and gently crack it inside her powerful jaws.

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