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Herbs to help sleeplessness, treating tinnitus caused by allergies - How to DIY

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Throughout time and cultures there have been several all-natural remedies created based on herbs known to help induce a restorative sleep. Sometimes Valarian with chamomile, white willow bark, and melatonin works well to help me sleep. I have read that Valerian is not safe while pregnant, but then again, they say that about all herbs and medicines, pretty much. From a holistic perspective, chronic insomnia and acute insomnia are simply too general of terms for any one herb or supplement to effectively address it. Top 3 Herbs For Your Health (with recipes!)Sign up for my newsletter and instantly download your ebook.
A common remedy has always been an herbal tea blend — one designed specifically with herbs that produce a sedative effect. The mixture of the warm water and soothing smell and feeling on your skin is heavenly, and you can use it for your children also just a little lavender lotion on their skin after their evening bath usually helps them to unwind to sleep.

All of these are considered menstruums and are good ways for extracting the medicinal properties of herbs. And if the problem returns…a few more nights of taking the tincture again immediately helps to reestablish sleep. Using home remedies for insomnia and some natural sleep aids can dramatically help you get the sleep you need! Just because most herbs for insomnia are safe or “natural” doesn’t mean they should be the first thing to reach for.
I hope this article on natural sleep aids and herbal sleep remedies will get you started on a good night’s sleep! When we do this we are simply using herbs like drugs and suppressing symptoms instead of addressing the underlying causes of insomnia.
The best sleep aid is when herbs are matched to the person and not when they are used to treat disease.

Cooling relaxing nervinesThis herbal sleep aid category is for the person who tends to run hot.
Warming and relaxing nervinesThis herbal sleep aid category is for the person who tends to run cold. Again, Valeriana officinalis really shines as an herbal sleep aid that is also anti-spasmodic.
I find that the best non prescription sleep aid are herbs, lifestyle changes and safer supplements. If a person wakes after only a couple hours of sleeping, especially if they wake hungry, then eating a protein snack closer to bed time may help.

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