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The term herbal medicines used colloquially as a generic term for herbal medicines, strong vitamins, minerals, supplements and homeopathic preparations. Herbal remedies are medications that can be used to prevent and treat minor illnesses, as you will not normally seek medical attention for.
Homeopathic preparations (herbal medicine), are means to homeopathy, aromatherapy and other alternative therapies. Herbal remedies should be regarded as a medicine and can be used to prevent and treat minor illnesses, as you would not normally seek medical attention for.

Herbal preparations containing naturally occurring substances and must be approved before they are marketed.
The difference between dietary supplements and herbal remedies can be difficult to distinguish, but supplements are mentioned food and not a drug. That is a requirement in the production of quality, safety and the effect of herbal remedies, which are produced only at establishments where continuous monitoring of drug regulatory authorities. Homeopathic preparations, essential oil and resources for aromatherapy and other alternative therapies.

Alternative medicine is based not on scientific grounds, yet the interest in alternative medicine steadily growing population.

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