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Help to sleep on plane, what is the ringing sound in my ear when its quiet - Review

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Since I’ve been flying over 150,000 miles a year for the past 15 years I’ve seen all kinds of methods and contraptions that passengers use to try to sleep better on airplanes. In that case, pop on your noise-cancelation headphones or ear buds and play soft music, an audio book or meditation music to drown out the noise and put you to sleep.
Telegraph Travel has put together these ten top tips that should help you arrive refreshed. The primary way to help your toddler sleep on a plane is to make her feel secure and to minimize distractions. MedicationsSome parents use cold and allergy medications as sedatives to help their toddlers sleep on plane trips.

The best slot for getting the kids to sleep is during take-off, especially if it’s dark outside.
However, if you expect that your toddler will be distracted on the plane, schedule your flight for an hour or so before her naptime or bedtime. An anxious parent certainly won't help a toddler relax, and preparation will minimize stress for both of you. If you happen to still be nursing your toddler, wait until she's calm and then nurse her under a light blanket to help her sleep. Not only will the sucking motion help their ears with the air pressure but this should make them more drowsy.

But if you plan to be up and down a lot during the flight, an aisle seat might be preferable.
I will say I have had positive experiences with it (sedated my kids for 10 hours on a plane).

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