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Help put me to sleep, lipoflavonoid coupon - Within Minutes

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Worried about where her curiosity might lead her, Doc pulls out his sleep-inducing alpha rhythm generator - it looks like a pair of high-tech opera glasses - and knocks her out with a flash. Doc Brown is a time travel expert and practiced meddler, so it is not surprising that he carries around a sleep-inducing alpha rhythm generator in case he needs one to cover his tracks. Aiming a little lower than instant-sleep-inducing technology, we find ourselves among a range of devices that won't make you fall asleep, but might make you sleep better. In conjunction with DARPA, a company called Advanced Brain Monitoring is developing a sleep mask called the Somneo Sleep Trainer.

Another technique to encourage better sleep is called transcranial magnetic stimulation, or TMS.
It blocks light and noise, and heating elements around the eyes may help people reach a deeper stage of sleep faster. TMS uses magnetic fields to create small electrical currents in parts of the brain, and researchers are trying to tune those currents to nudge a sleeping brain toward restorative, REM sleep. If an alpha rhythm generator did exist, maybe it would stimulate the brain rhythms associated with restorative sleep.

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