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Though most individuals have habits, those with addictive personalities are unable to control them; engaging in them to excess. From detox and rehab to sober living arrangements, Mountain Village Recovery Center has you covered start to finish for the comprehensive, effective and professional care you need to properly address your condition and concerns. My brother has to completely stay away from anything addictive cause he has a huge addictive personality!
Someone is said to have an addictive personality when he has personality traits that make him more prone to addiction.
If you are suffering from an addiction, it is quite possible that you have an addictive personality. You may have tried to end your addiction and found that you are not able to fix this issue by yourself. The difference between someone with an addictive personality and someone without this personality type is significant. If you struggle with an addictive personality, there are methods available to help combat it and gain control of your life. An addictive personality is not solely to blame for excess indulgence of drugs, alcohol, gambling or food.
Some patients attempt to “cure” their addiction through exercise; however, exercise can prove to be an addictive element in and of itself.
In order for an addiction to be deemed legitimate, it must interfere with your health or livelihood.
A person with this type of personality may not necessarily always be addicted to something at any given time; however, because of certain personality traits which increase the likelihood of addiction, this person is more susceptible to develop an addiction.

An addictive personality may be the reason that your addiction has been an ongoing struggle.
An addictive personality is not something you can try to treat without the help of trained professionals.
Someone with an addictive personality may find it more difficult to fight the battle against their addiction and may experience a series of addictions. Two addicts, for example may use drugs for separate reasons – one to achieve a high and the other to alleviate psychological pain.
An alcoholic who is able to stop drinking but begins spending the majority of their time at the gym will have done little to address their addictive tendencies. If this sounds familiar, you will require professional help to remove the addiction from your life.
When someone has an addictive personality, she is more likely than someone without this personality type to become addicted to a behavior. When someone has an addictive personality, even if he is able to fight one addiction, this personality type makes it more likely that one addiction is replaced with another.
When you have an addictive personality, it can be hard for other people to understand what it is like to be in this situation.
If you believe that you have an addictive personality or if you would like help with your addiction, it is very important to take the first step. Someone with an addictive personality has an increased risk of becoming addicted to narcotics or alcohol.
Until you are able to get treatment for your addictive personality and your addiction, you are at risk of developing other addictive behaviors.

Addressing the underlying issue can help appease the addictive tendencies, while toning down the need for the addictive behavior or substance.
When it comes to exercise, hobbies and activities, moderation is key to ensuring a healthy and happy lifestyle during addiction recovery. Additionally, this type of personality can also be associated with other addictive behaviors that do not involve substances.
When you have this type of personality, there are reasons that you keep developing addiction after addiction; therefore, the addiction itself is not the only area that treatment will focus on. If you would like to seek treatment for your addition, please trust that Your First Step will do everything in its power to get you any type of help that you want.
Fortunately, there are ways to get help for an addictive personality or an addiction, and Your First Step is available to provide you with assistance.
The reason for your addiction needs to be addressed, which is why it is important to take the first steps required to get help, so that you can start to get on the road to recovery. This is a real risk, however, to help you feel comfortable getting help, we have a great staff who know all about addiction. When you call us, you will be speaking with an agent who knows what it is like to struggle with an addiction.
When you call us to talk about addiction, you will only be speaking to agents who are all in recovery from drug addiction and alcoholism.

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