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Depression UK does not have a local group network within our own organisation, we are just one large national group, but with the obvious benefits that go with that. Members of Depression UK may obtain details of the addresses and phone numbers of the local groups that we are aware of by consulting our latest newsletter or by contacting us at our national address. Any member who requires advice about how to form and run a local group should contact Depression UK for advice and encouragement. We urgently need volunteers, whether they be sufferers from depression or not, to assist in the running of our charity.
Volunteers willing to serve on our committee and assist, in general, with the running of Depression UK.

We have found that being able to chat with fellow sufferers who truly understand is a great support and will help you to feel less isolated. This is a private social networking site in which members discuss a whole range of topics ranging from funny stories to challenging discussion about depression.
There are many sources of help available to treat depression – it is just a case of finding what works for you.
The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy is the UK governing body for counsellors and psychotherapists and can help you to find a therapist in your area. One common difficulty with accessing specialist help through the NHS is obtaining this help quickly.

Nevertheless, we continue to believe in the value of local groups as an aid to coping with, and recovering from depression. The more severe your depression is, or becomes, the more likely the GP is to advise medication or request specialist help such as from a counsellor, psychologist, psychotherapist or psychiatrist. The vast majority of people with depression will be treated in the community, but a small percentage might be admitted to hospital should the depression be considered severe enough.

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