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Providing a comfortable sleeping environment can help you in encouraging your baby to take naps during daytime. When encouraging a baby to sleep, fixing a spot for him that he can associate with napping can help a lot. Another way of helping a baby to take a nap is to come up with pre-nap rituals or practices. Playing music or repetitive sounds can also help you in putting your baby to sleep during the day. Always put your baby to sleep on his back and make sure that there are no toys lying around where you are putting him to sleep.

Make sure that the games you play with your child before his naptimes are less noisy and do not stimulate him too much as it would make it harder for him to fall asleep.
When travelling, always take something that your baby can associate with sleep, like books, so that you can put your baby to sleep if his naptime arrives while you are on the move. Some babies tend to take short naps at regular intervals on their own and do not require you to encourage them to take naps.
Newborns sleep for about four hours both in the day and night, and should be allowed to rest as much as they want. However, it is also crucial that the baby’s natural tendencies are also taken into account when taking naps.
Therefore, you should try your best to make your baby nap at the same place where he sleeps at night, which can make him associate the spot with sleeping.

Keeping the lights dim and using shades which block out the light is one way of telling your baby that it’s time for him to take a nap. You can put him to sleep in a stroller when you are taking him out, but he must sleep in his designated sleeping place when he’s at home.
I am sharing my research, tips, tools and recipes to help you in your quest to a healthy lifestyle.
Try to find the right ritual that your baby recognizes and enjoys, and then keep doing it before his nap time.

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