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Wednesday, Jul 24, 2013 ReutersNEW YORK - Among teens in a new study from Ireland, those who reported hearing voices were at greatly elevated risk of attempting suicide within the year compared to their peers with or without mental disorders who did not experience voices.Considered a symptom of psychosis, hearing voices was linked to a nearly 70-fold higher likelihood of a suicide attempt over the course of a year in the study of 13-to-16 year olds.
August 14, 2012 by Monica Cassani Some commentary and a collection of posts that look at voice hearing and how to cope with them and grow and heal with them too. I decided it was time to make a post with a collection of articles on Beyond Meds that deal explicitly with the experience of voice hearers. Good afternoon I am looking for a support group for people who struggle with hearing voices.

Overcoming this apprehension is one of the greatest barriers to working effectively with people who hear voices, whether they are diagnosed with psychotic, mood, or dissociative disorders. Voice-hearing is not necessarily a sign of psychiatric illness.1 Many people in the general population report hearing voices.
Hearing voices is not in itself a significant risk factor for violence.2 Under most conditions, even command hallucinations do not predict violence. People frequently hear voices telling them what to do and do not follow them.4 After all, you tell your patients to do all kinds of things and they ignore you too!

Voices may be positive and helpful.5 Sometimes, voices may be experienced in a very positive way—as a form of instinct, intuition, or guidance. For example, on the morning of September 11, 2001, a woman reported hearing a voice that said, “Get off this train now.” She decided to exit the subway one station before her usual one near the World Trade Center.

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