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On Thursday, May 2, 2013, the Hearing Health Foundation will launch national Better Hearing & Speech Month by providing free hearing screenings for select grade school kids in NYC. The hearing screenings held at The Speyer Legacy School in May will launch the Foundation's Pledge to Get Your Hearing Tested.
The Hearing Health Foundation will partner with Gordon Hearing Conservation and The Speyer Legacy School to provide free hearing screenings for their third through fifth graders. Throughout the month of May, Hearing Health Foundation has launched a campaign encouraging people to pledge online to get their hearing, and their children's hearing, tested.

In 2011, the Foundation launched the Hearing Restoration Project (HRP), a consortium of scientists working on cell regeneration in the ear to develop a biologic cure for acquired hearing loss within the next decade. ET, third through fifth graders at The Speyer Legacy School on the Upper West Side will get free hearing screenings. The Hearing Health Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to finding a cure for hearing loss.
The Hearing Health Foundation publishes the Hearing Health magazine, a free consumer resource on hearing loss and the latest related technology.

Often people put off dealing with hearing loss and the Foundation brings light to the some of the reasons to have your hearing tested. To find out more about the Hearing Health Foundation and hearing loss, visit hearinghealthfoundation.org.

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