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Hearing test for newborn, difficulty with visual memory - For Begninners

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Under the programme around 75,000 babies a year will be scanned within hours of birth, significantly improving detection rates from the traditional nine-month distraction tests.
Since its introduction at Cork University Maternity Hospital, the detection, diagnosis and intervention for hearing-impaired children has been reduced from more than 30 months to fewer than three months.
And, using state-of-the-art technology, the new screening service will be available to all newborn babies in Ireland by early 2013. Screening is a way to find babies who are at risk of hearing loss without doing a complete hearing test on every baby. There will be some babies who “referred” on the screening but who turn out to have normal hearing. If you baby is “referred” based on their newborn hearing screening, you need to schedule a follow up hearing evaluation. The goal of the first hearing evaluation appointment is to find out which babies referred on the hearing screening but have normal hearing, and which babies referred on the hearing screening and really have hearing loss. Testing for hearing loss from the age of newborn to 6 months (or until the baby can hold his or her head up without help from mom or dad) is done by checking different parts of the hearing system anatomy, and determining if each part is working. The hearing system is made up of the outer ear, the middle ear, the inner ear, and the hearing nerve.
An example of a conductive hearing loss can result from too much wax (cerumen) in the external ear canal. Another example results from fluid accumulation in the middle ear space, behind the ear drum – this is the typical temporary hearing loss common in children with recurrent or chronic ear infections.
Otoacoustic emissions testing is done by placing a small tip in the ear canal that has a speaker and a microphone.

This test is like an EKG of the hearing signal as it moves through the hearing system to the brain. If your baby does have hearing loss, your audiologist and otolaryngologist (ENT doc) will work with you and your family to make sure that your baby has as much access to communication as possible. Note that sensorineural hearing loss can range from very mild – barely detectable – to profound deafness (rare). The genetics counselor can provide a good idea of whether your baby’s hearing loss is inherited and, if so, what the chances are that you may have other children with similar hearing loss. The thing to remember is this: the goal is for your baby to grow up having normal ability to communicate, normal speech and language.
Thanks for visiting, see you here later – we will be going into more detail on how to rid your children of allergies, rhinitis, sinusitis, and other chronic aero-digestive inflammatory disorders on this site.
My daughter failed her hearing screening in June 2011 and then was found to have hearing within normal limits by an audiologist following a complete audiological evaluation. My baby failed here hearing test when she was born, a third test was done today (she is 15 weeks) and it was detected that the problem is in the middle, she has no problem with her inner ear or drums, she was referred to an ENT and go back in 3 months to do the test again.
Screenings only have two outcomes, a “pass” (low risk of hearing loss) or a “refer” (risk of hearing loss).
I know that I should feel happy that she is not completely deaf, but I am at loss and fear for her future. See that original article for a description of the newborn screening process, and for her amazing credentials. The next installment on this topic will review some of the most common misconceptions about hearing loss in children.

A normal result today does not tell us anything about the level of hearing yesterday, or what it may be tomorrow or next week.
The ABR is a measure of the electricity that the hearing nerve puts off each time a click is played to the ear.
The audiologist will determine if the hearing nerve is responding to the click at a normal loudness.
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If there is a problem with the ear canal, the ear drum, or the three bones, there may be a hearing loss. A licensed medical professional should be consulted for diagnosis and treatment of any and all medical conditions. This kind of hearing loss is called “conductive.” Conductive hearing loss can often be fixed by surgery. Links to other sites are provided for information only -- they do not constitute endorsements of those other sites.

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