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On our very first day of hearing testing at St Laurence's Primary in Dubbo we were  so proud to be able to put back into our very supportive community what you have helped us to create. The children were educated about how to keep their ears healthy with the healthy ears puppets Sam and Lucy, before we started the hearing testing. JUNE 23 2014What an awesome way to finish hearing testing today at Orana Heights Public School.
Our testing team: Wellington Aboriginal Medical Screeners Trish George and Trish with Hear our Heart's Gordon Rutter. Hear Our Heart, Ear Bus program helps children with hearing problems learn through puppets. Rachel Mills (left) and Donna Rees teach students at Dubbo West Primary School how to blow their nose correctly.
One study found that on any school day, 43 per cent of primary level children would fail a basic hearing test because of middle-ear infections. At Dubbo, after nearly a year of education on how to prevent hearing loss caused by otitis media, or glue ear as the infection of the middle ear from colds or viruses is called, the six- and seven-year-olds are suffering fewer colds and ear infections, and are doing better in school.

Who would have thought that we would be conducting hearing testing and healthy ears lessons in schools so soon. Targeted means that teacher and parents work together to chose the children who need testing as they meet the criteria on our checklist. Rodney Sparrow - Good Guys, David Hayes - Dubbo City Toyota and Allyson Young Front Row Sydney. We parked at St Josephs church car park and kids from the Public, High and St Joeys all came to the Royal Far West Care mobile to have their hearing tested. Most impressive were the 200 mature, respectful students at Gilgandra High School who sat quietly and listened to Donna and Rachel teach about both otitis media and permanent hearing loss. They learnt how using ipods too loudly over time can permanently damage the cochlear hair cells resulting in hearing loss. Gilgandra local Nurse Audiometrist Margo Piggott worked for the 2 days with our Audiometrist Gordon Rutter from Central Coast Hearing. On Tuesday we started at the Premier Centre then move to the High School at 11am where the Mayor called in to see how the testing process works.

It was a pleasure to see both schools working together so well to learn about hearing loss. Now that ALL the Schools and Teachers in Gilgandra are educated about otitis media we are now ready to start hearing testing.
Lucie Wightman from the Gilgandra Times Newspaper popped in to do a story and Margo gave her a hearing test too!!!!! Exact figures have not been counted yet but over the 2 days we tested almost 100 children with almost HALF of them needing follow up services. Some will be coming with us to the Ear Specialist Clinic day next week and 2 need to go to Australian Hearing to be assessed for a permanent loss.

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