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Brisbane Hearing can provide you a range of hearing services to maintain your enjoyment in life. SoundRecover, a new algorithm developed by Phonak, is considered to be one of the most important and successful hearing aid functions.
At Neurosensory, the hearing health of our clients is our highest priority, which is why we always insist on a comprehensive hearing test as part of our complete hearing health care promise. All our hearing tests are non-invasive, with a range of testing procedures designed with babies and young children in mind. If you think your baby or young child might have a hearing loss, call Neurosensory on 1300 965 513. The inner, middle and outer ear, to accurately determine the cause and location of the hearing loss.
Your child’s hearing threshold to clarify at what volume your child can hear correctly in different hearing environments. We provide an extensive range of advanced hearing tests utilising the latest diagnostic equipment.

The inner, middle and outer ear to accurately determine the location and cause of the hearing loss. The precise type and range of hearing loss - a critical step in finding the correct hearing solution for you.
If you think you, or a loved one, might have a hearing loss, call Neurosensory on 1300 965 513. If you have any concerns then it is important that you have an accurate free hearing test carried out by a trained audiologist. If you are eligible for the Office of Hearing Services voucher, you may even be eligible for free hearing aids (depends on your hearing levels). Phonak focus intensely on hearing research projects to find new solutions helping people with hearing difficulties. Unlike ordinary hearing screening test, with our comprehensive hearing test, we examine your hearing in full details. Siemens produce innovative devices, including Aquaris waterproof hearing aid, Pure hearing aid with battery rechargeable technology and Insio ultra-small digital hearing aid.

This helps our clinicians determine, for instance, the right hearing solution where hearing aids are required.
This is necessary so that the cause of the hearing loss can be accurately determined and if required, medical intervention can be promptly organised. Our tests will check your outer ear, eardrum, middle ear conditions, and inner ear hair cell functions.
In Brisbane Hearing, we have the equipment and the experienced audiologist to help you to get the best out of your hearing aids.

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