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Hearing loss uk, ringing of ear causes - How to DIY

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This section gives you quick access to the main headline statistics about deafness, hearing loss and tinnitus in the UK. By 2031, it is estimated that there will be 14.5 million people with hearing loss in the UK. There are more than 45,000 deaf children in the UK, plus many more who experience temporary hearing loss. More than 70% of over 70 year-olds and 40% of over 50 year-olds have some form of hearing loss.
There are approximately 356,000 people with combined visual and hearing impairment in the UK.

About two million people in the UK have hearing aids, but only 1.4 million use them regularly. Registered Office: Action on Hearing Loss is the trading name of the Royal National Institute for Deaf People (RNID). Our communication tips card provides tips for people who have a hearing loss and are speaking to someone who is hearing on one side, and tips for people who are hearing and are speaking to someone who has a hearing loss on the other. Our factsheets provide information about deafblindness, how you can support people who are losing their hearing and the latest statistics on hearing loss and tinnitus. It is also alleged that the employer did not provide the worker with any hearing safety equipment for nearly 10 years, by which time it is believed that excessive hearing damage had already taken place.

The client advised that the use of the hearing protection was not enforced, and therefore a safe system of work was not enforced, which would have protected him from the risk of occupations deafness.
The industries with the largest number of new hearing loss cases are manufacturing, construction and extraction, energy and water supply. You can find out more in our factsheet Facts and figures on hearing loss and tinnitus(PDF 269kb, opens new window).

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