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Solving the issue of moderate hearing loss may be simpler and more straightforward than you think. Since most moderate hearing loss is caused by nerve degeneration, treating and protecting the remaining, healthy nerves inside of your ears will be a vital part of taking good care of yourself and improving your hearing.
Today’s best natural supplement formulas offer holistic, safe and effective treatment of the symptoms of moderate hearing loss, including tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and loss of hearing in the high, medium and low registers. Since these affordable products work without surgery or hearing aids, they are an economical way to enjoy better hearing, and the positive results that they bring tend to happen very quickly. Certain natural ingredients have a reputation for improving nerve function and overall hearing, and these ingredients are often found in supplements that are designed to treat moderate hearing loss. If you’re looking for a moderate hearing loss treatment that also protects you from more severe hearing loss in the future, choosing a formula that is fortified with Folic Acid will be a wise decision. Other important ingredients that are commonly found in organic supplements for better hearing are Omega-3 Fatty Acids, which are known to stave of age-related hearing problems.
In addition, certain vitamins that support better hearing, such as B complex vitamins (which help with nerve function) are often added to these types of hearing support formulas. Cochlear damage due to prolonged exposure to loud noise ("noise induced hearing loss" or "industrial deafness"). As his initial concern was with hearing loss, Dr Tomatis' first experiments dealt with altering the auditory curve.

Whether congenital or acquired, physical or emotional, hearing may improve through Sound Therapy. I have had hearing improvements and my last hearing test indicated that one pitch went up by five decibels. Using Sound Therapy to improve your hearing is simply a matter of putting the headphones on and listening to your Sound Therapy program at a low volume. If you already have a hearing aid, Sound Therapy can help you use your aids more successfully.
I can play the piano using hearing aids or using headphones (it’s a good quality digital piano), and can enjoy it both ways. While working on the Basic Kit, my hearing has noticeably improved, and I have moments of improvement with my tinnitus.
This was confirmed recently when I was examined by an ear, nose and throat specialist, who said that I had the hearing of a woman of 40 - I am 87!
I have a noticeable improvement in hearing and need less volume on my Walkman all the time.
I purchased an 'in the ear model' hearing aid after I found their predictions to be correct. If you’re dealing with poor hearing that is adversely affecting your overall quality of life, you should know that natural supplements will strengthen the healthy nerves in your ears, helping them to work more effectively.

If you’ve never considered taking a dietary supplement to improve your hearing, it’s time to learn more about the way that these supplements support better hearing from the inside out.
Of course, you may also use your supplements along with any other treatment that you’ve undertaken to combat your moderate hearing loss (such as wearing hearing aids). For example, Folic Acid is believed to slow down nerve degeneration in the ears, thereby decreasing the rate at which people lose their hearing.
In addition, this natural ingredient may improve hearing loss, particularly in the lower sound registers. If you think that your moderate hearing loss may be connected to your advancing years, using a natural dietary supplement that contains these vital fatty acids may be very beneficial. A secondary bonus of taking B vitamins for the treatment of hearing loss is the way that they will tend to give you a welcome boost of energy.
Therefore, Folic Acid is one of the most important ingredients in many effective supplements that address the issue of moderate hearing loss. To get the results that you need, choose The Hearing Fix, as this natural supplement really has it all.

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