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Hearing loss tinnitus ear infection, what does sudden ringing in the ears mean - How to DIY

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Known as “Swimmer’s Ear,” otomycosis is a fungal infection of the external ear, accounting for about 10% of all external ear infections. Because the symptoms are relatively nondescript, physicians must differentiate from similar looking conditions, especially bacterial infection, in order to properly diagnose and treat otomycosis. While otomycosis is a condition, which can typically be treated with relative ease, there is also the possibility of invasive ear infection, at which point the fungal infection spreads to bone and cartilage in the surrounding areas.
It is important to avoid putting anything in your ear canal, not only to keep from doing damage to the eardrum and compacting wax, but also to keep the healthy balance created by these natural secretions in place.

Otomycosis is often accompanied by tinnitus.1 As its nicknames suggest, this condition often occurs due to excessive moisture in the ears.
The fungal spores can become airborne, at which point they are carried by water vapors and may be lodged in the ear, multiplying under the proper conditions.
While microscopic inspection generally indicates fungal infection because of the distinctive structures formed, clinical diagnosis can be misleading and should therefore be accompanied by a culture to prevent misdiagnosis. For elaboration on conductive hearing loss, and the complications a tear in the tympanic membrane might cause, please read our article Hearing Loss: An Overview.

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