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Hearing loss thresholds, constant loud ringing in one ear - Within Minutes

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Hearing aid users have more energy, participate in the conversation, look like super heroes and fashionistas and are role models for good health. Contributed by Debbie Clason is a staff writer for Healthy Hearing and has a master's degree from Indiana University. When measured together by your hearing healthcare professional, dB and Hz tell the degree of hearing loss you have in each ear.
Based on the outcome and the lifestyle information you provide, the hearing healthcare professional will be able to recommend a course of treatment, which may include the purchase of hearing aids and enrollment in aural communication classes. Everything above the blue and red lines (the hearing threshold) is what you don’t hear in each ear.
Misunderstanding speech is what sends many of us to the doctor when we first begin losing our hearing. As I mentioned above, when people lose their hearing they don’t necessarily lose all their pitches equally.
My hearing is at 45 db all the way across and has been all my life, I even produced 2 deaf little boys.

Hearing is measured by determining how well a person can hear a range of frequencies of sounds. In order to differentiate test results from the right and left ears, and whether plotted thresholds have been masked or not, a series of standardised audiometric symbols have been developed. The information contained on an audiogram allows the determination of the degree and type of hearing loss. By definition, a sensorineural hearing loss is present if there is less than a 15 dB difference between the air and bone conduction thresholds of a given ear, and the air and bone conduction thresholds are worse than 15 dB. Technically speaking, it’s defined as having hearing loss between 26 and 40 dB in the speech frequencies. Keep in mind, untreated hearing loss puts you at risk for developing a host of other health-related problems, including depression, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. I’ve had hereditary and gradual hearing loss, as have my family on one side as far back as the late 1700s (and recorded by hearsay back to the mid 1600s). The audiogram above represents good hearing because the hearing threshold falls at or above 10dbs in all the pitches tested.

Your hearing threshold and exposure to various dialects can impact understanding when you have hearing loss. When a hearing loss becomes severe to profound, amplification may no longer do the job adequately.
I have hearing loss in upper range, What is correlation between that and background noise making it nearly impossible to hear. Audiologists do not measure every single pitch known to man; they only measure a few pitches at certain intervals to give them an idea of how you might be affected by hearing loss. I expect to be shopping for something that can help me sort sounds, even if all I could get would be a directional microphone and hearing aids.

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