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Hearing loss heart problems, dsm iv criteria for major depressive disorder - PDF Review

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To maintain good hearing, it may be important to keep your heart healthy and keep chronic diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure under control. Hearing loss is 54 per cent more likely in people with heart disease than in those without cardiovascular disease. Similarly, a study by the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) found that hearing loss is about twice as common in people with diabetes compared to those who do not have the disease.
High blood pressure causes the heart to work extra hard to pump blood to the various organs in the body.

According to a 2010 American Journal of Audiology report, impaired cardiovascular health can affect both the peripheral (outer, middle and inner ear) and central auditory systems, particularly, among older people. Your doctor will conduct an ear, nose and throat examination, followed by a hearing test (audiogram) to assess the severity of hearing loss. With the failure to transmit electrical impulses to the brain, the brain is unable to interpret the sound waves as sound, resulting in hearing loss. Inadequate blood flow to the small blood vessels in the inner ear may cause hearing to deteriorate.

When the heart is not functioning well, blood supply to the rest of the organs in the body will also be compromised.
Recommended solutions can then include medications, hearing aids (to amplify sound), surgery or cochlear implants (to stimulate the inner ear’s auditory nerves).

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