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Klein, 66, of Mesa, Arizona, wore a clerical collar and gripped a cane as he walked into the hearing, where half a dozen witnesses sat on a back bench ready to testify in the long-planned trial. Today, service dogs are exposed to very thorough and extensive training, and their duties can extend much further than assisting only the blind. We keep hearing how much having the dog there has helped to improve their confidence, and how they feel happier to go out because they have the dog out with them. Hearing Dogs and their owners: I have collected pictures of hearing dogs and their owners from around the world. LR - We are loosely linked through Assistance Dogs UK, which is the umbrella organisation that all assistance dog charities have to be a member of. We actually train dual dogs now, like for example a hearing and guiding dog for deaf and blind people, or a hearing dog and assistance dog for the disabled. Hearing dogs come in all shapes and sizes:Pictures of hearing dogs from all around the world.
LR - We are less focused on the dog’s size than for, say, guide dogs or assistance dogs for the disabled. We get dogs donated to us from the public, which wouldn’t be used as breeding stock, but they would be trained where possible. LR - We train dogs to respond to baby cries, so the dog has to go to the baby monitor when it hears the sound. So the client would be further assessed to find out what they would need from their next dog, because their lifestyle could have changed in the 9 to 10 years that would have elapsed since their previous hearing dog was trained.

I might also be helping the trainers with their sound work, giving tips on how to help the dogs respond to sounds.
I am also there to support my Line Manager, so I might be attending some meetings or writing reports about the dogs.
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I am the very proud owner of Juke, a hearing dog (German shepard, almost two years of age, now).
I read in your interview, that Hearing dogs are not trained to help regardign the sounds in the traffic. Hearing Dogs for the Deaf was founded in 1982 and is based in Saunderton near Princes Risborough. We have no connection to any other hearing alert dog organisation including but not limited to Hearing Dogs For Deaf People UK. We are proud to be Service Dogs Europe and supply those in need of a service dog in the shortest possible time at the lowest cost. Many people are curious about what Hearing Dogs can do for people who are deaf or hard of hearing when they're in public.
All of our dogs are obviously there to alert the owner to sounds in the home, but they’re also there to help people emotionally. We are always told to not pet guide dogs, whereas it seems Hearing Dogs actually act as social facilitators.

Hearing dogs do not have the physical task of guiding someone, or helping people get things out of the washing machine. So we do take on slightly older dogs, but they have to have the right temperament, obviously. We would generally request to the customer that they use the same sounds we have trained the dogs to for these appliances.
That doesn’t happen so much because the dogs work so hard for their owners that a huge bond develops. This year, I was at the ceremony down in London, to keep an eye on the welfare of the dogs and the welfare of the clients. These hearing dogs are called hearing ear dogs as well as service dogs, signal dogs, and hearing guide dogs. A hearing dog can offer a practical alternative to technical equipment and particularly for those deaf people who find such equipment restricting. If you would like one of our dogs or to see them working call us on the phone numbers below. The added benefit of a hearing dog is that it gives the recipient increased independence, greater confidence, companionship along with a feeling of security.

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