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An exhausted Austrian architect, who has begged Pope Francis to help him stop the cathedral bells near his home ringing at night, is suing the catholic institution.
My mind refuses to reveal the details of the day that I first read Poe’s poem “The Bells.” I do remember, however, the pleasure of hearing it read out loud and listening to the music of the bells in every line.
Poe’s use of language, first ringing and singing then wrangling and jangling across the page, thrilled me.
Ah, I hear the voice reciting The Bells, although I can’t remember where or when in my schooling. When the world and the whirlwind in my mind are still, especially at night, which is when all of Poe’s bells ring, I hear the tintinnabulation of the bells, ringing and singing in my ear without end.

The ringing is a minor inconvenience for me, but I want to handle it well because the road ahead may hold many more such frailties. Ramos on Monday, October 28, 2013 at 5:34 PMThroughout the entirety of Sleigh Bells' set at the sold-out Granada Theater on Saturday night, the crowd on hand seemed ready to fully give in and become one with the performers on stage. I never forgot the delight of listening to those tinkling silver sleigh bells and the bright golden wedding bells, followed by the clanging bronze alarm bells that led finally and irrevocably to the heavy iron bells tolling death.
I had hoped six weeks ago, when the ringing first began that it was a temporary aberration of the ear, but it has continued. I’m sorry to hear of this new ringing… it’s something I haven’t encountered yet… but I have learned of my own frailty, and seen some of my faculties go.

Still, much like the rushed blasts of volume forever tied to Sleigh Bells' noisy sound, it was an effective ploy. Loud as this show was throughout, it was that moment that friends of those in attendance are likely to be hearing about for days and weeks to come.

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