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There is a wide range of constantly evolving hearing aids available to suit different types of hearing loss. At the HEARING INSTITUTE we deal with various reputable hearing aid manufacturers in order to stay on top of technological development and ensure our clients of a variety of excellent technologies to choose from.
The first step in overcoming your hearing problem, is admitting to yourself and loved ones that your hearing problem is affecting your quality of life, that medication or surgery will not correct sensorineural or mixed-type of hearing loss, and that the only positive choice you have is hearing aids.
It is not the purchase of a product that will give you better hearing, but your desire and determination to improve your hearing and communication. Be patient, respect the hearing impaired person’s speed of progress, encourage and help the person to participate in life again.

Thanks to modern technological advances it is likely that the remaining 90% may be helped with hearing aids. The choice of the type and style of hearing aids depends on the type and severity of the hearing loss as well as the person’s lifestyle, physical dexterity, communication needs and demands, personal preferences and budget. However, it is sad that most people wait for 5-7 years before solving their hearing problem. This means that the hearing impaired person has not only difficulty in hearing soft sounds but also loud sounds. The selection of the correct hearing aid should be made only by a qualified hearing health care professional.

Your family, friends, associates and clients already know that you have hearing loss, because the symptoms have already given your secret away. The humidity of the ear canal and presence of earwax, the environment in which hearing aids must perform, is harmful to electronics.
This unnatural sound quality will eventually improve your speech comprehension –but only if you stick with your hearing aids until your brain has with time and practice adjusted.

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