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Hearing aids with rechargeable batteries, how to get to sleep easy - Within Minutes

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We also offer a huge selection of SLA and Dry Cell batteries and chargers for a variety of your heavy duty battery needs. With guaranteed longer service and an 8-12 year design life, Odyssey dry cell batteries boast double to triple the cranking power of similarly sized conventional batteries, immediate usage, vibration resistance, and so much more. Power-Sonic SLA batteries undergo comprehensive rigorous testing at every manufacturing stage—capacity, high-load, shelf-life, vibration, overcharge, relief, valve, and cycle life. VARTA Microbattery with its brand Power One has over 100 years of experience in developing innovative battery technologies.
VARTA Microbattery's Power One uses an environmental management system certified in accordance with the ISO 14001 standard. VARTA Microbattery is the only manufacturer to offer both primary zinc air batteries (above), and secondary Ni-MH hearing aid battery options. The ACCU Plus series of rechargeable hearing aid battery models offers more than just rechargeability, an emphasis on health, and environmental safety. To learn more about VARTA Microbattery and it's Power One ACCU Plus range of rechargeable hearing aid batteries, continue reading below.
We carry all Power One ACCU Plus rechargeable hearing aid batteries and four models of Power One hearing aid battery chargers in several styles.
The VARTA Microbattery Power One brand of hearing aid batteries is an excellent choice for your hearing device. Power One boasts a selection of chargers for ACCU batteries giving you the ultimate in portability and versatility. The Power One Pocketcharger (or Card Charger as it is sometimes referred) will charge one or two rechargeable Power One ACCU hearing aid batteries.
Also available is the Power One series of Penchargers which allow you to charge P10 ACCU, P312 ACCU and P13 ACCU rechargeable hearing aid batteries.
Not only are cheap disposable hearing aids not worth the money, they may be even a hazard for your hearing.

You may have outgrown yours or are ready for an upgrade, but to someone else your hearing aids are valuable pieces of equipment you’re about to toss. Rechargeable hearing aids have been around for a while now in the form of behind-the-ear aids by Siemens, Hansaton and GN Resound. The hearing aids are simply placed inside the neatly designed casing and charging takes place inductively (i.e. This device is an excellent option for the elderley who cannot cope with fiddly battery changes.
For more information or to see if these rechargeable hearing aids can benefit you please do contact us. With fewer batteries to purchase and a convenient, universal charging system, VFusion batteries are your hearing aids’ new best friend.
We’d like to invite you to schedule an appointment to come in and find out if your current technology is compatible with this new, must-have accessory. Power-Sonic Super-Sport batteries are the perfect replacement power for your motorcycles, scooters, ATV, mowers, utility vehicles, snowmobiles, and more.
To understand how they compare to Power One zinc air batteries for practical every day use, click here to skip down to comparison charts of both hearing aid battery lines. It is supplied with three different inserts which allow you to charge P10 ACCU, P312 ACCU, and P13 ACCU Plus batteries! With conventional packaging, you might have to take off the shrink wrap to get to the cardboard packaging before you break open the plastic so you can get to the plastic sheild.
You won’t have to keep a stock of batteries on hand nor will you have to have nimble fingers trying to maneuver those slippery little batteries into those tiny little cases. Behind-the-ear style hearing aids can be cleaned and refurbished and then reprogrammed for someone else. The Power One ACCU Plus line of hearing aid batteries are exact replacements for customers seeking to replace tired Ni-MH cells.

A rechargeable hearing aid may cost a little more than a conventional one but, in the long run, it may be worth it. This makes it easy to throw it out and get a new one with the idea that the new one might be better.
The VFusion system delivers up to three times more power than other rechargeable systems — enough to power even the most high-gain hearing technology. For customers interested in switching from primary zinc air batteries to rechargeble cells, Power One also offers a portable charging unit for its rechargeable Ni-MH hearing aid batteries. These high-performance Ni-MH batteries (Nickel Metal Hydride batteries) are characterized by their excellent reliability and quality without any memory effect.
It is powered by a VARTA Microbattery's rechargeable lithium polymer battery which charges your hearing aid batteries in 2.5 hours. Ask your hearing care professional about rechargeable hearing aids when you are ready to get new ones.
You can recharge your ACCU Plus batteries up to 18 times before needing to plug in the charger.
To preserve battery life and durability, the charger is equipped with a refresh safety function which first fully discharges partially charged batteries. Your hearing aid is meant to last for years while offering you a better quality of life and YOU are worth the investment.
Similar to the pocket charger, but exclusively for ACCU P675 batteries, the Power One 675 charger contains many of the same features as including the ability to charge one or two of your ACCU P675 button cells and its discharge function.

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