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From larger devices that are easier to handle, to tiny, invisible, or nearly invisible devices that are concealed within the ear canal, Carolina Hearing Group has options sure to meet your hearing or cosmetic needs.
All hearing aids consist of three basic components: a microphone, an amplifier, and a speaker (also called the “receiver”).
Our hearing seminar and online hearing test can help you learn about hearing healthcare and also help you decide if hearing aids are the right choice for you. Trade in your your hearing aids and receive $500 for each hearing aid less than 5 years old and $300 for hearing aids more than 5 years old!
When you are having hearing problems or ear troubles, nobody wants to spend valuable time going from doctor to doctor without any real answers. Invisible hearing aids is a broad term used to describe a few types of hearing aids that are nearly invisible to others once in place. Completely in Canal (CEC) hearing aids are small enough to sit completely inside the ear canal, and are virtually undetectable once in place. Mini BTE still have as much performance and power as other types of hearing aids, and they are known for being extremely comfortable because of their placement. All types of invisible hearing aids are available with programmable technology that will allow your hearing aids to adjust to your surroundings and the type of listening environment you are in.

The type of invisible hearing aid that is right for you will depend on your type of hearing loss and your unique lifestyle and needs. Now patients with normal hearing in the lower frequencies can now consider the DASH product as an option in place of a behind the ear instrument with a slim tube or regular earmold fitting. Hearing aids vary by type of technology, the specific design, and the varying special features.
Some people feel self conscious that others will be able to see that they are hearing impaired. There are three main types of invisible hearing aids, which means there are discreet hearing aid options for nearly every person with hearing loss.
Others cannot use IEC or CEC hearing aids because of discomfort, ear wax buildup, or other issues. Because it may be confusing when deciding whether to use analog or digital technology, your audiologist can specify which is right for your particular hearing deficit. Thankfully, because of modern technology and design, there are several ìinvisible hearing aid options. The great thing about this type of hearing aid is that most IEC are specifically designed for new hearing aid users.

For these users, the Mini RIC (Receiver in Canal) or Mini BTE (Behind the Ear) may be the right choice for a discreet hearing aid. Most hearing devices come with a microphone that picks up sound, as well as an amplifier circuitry that makes the sound louder.
Also, the many features available are quite confusing, and a uniquely trained audiologist can direct you on what methods to meet your individual hearing needs. Analog hearing devices make continuous sound waves longer and contain a microchip to perform programmed settings in a variety of environments. The choice of hearing aids depends on your particular type of hearing damage, as well as which equipment fits your lifestyle. Digital hearing aids allow complex sound processing during the amplification of the sound, as well giving the user ability to adapt to their hearing environment.

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