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There are many factors to be taken into consideration before committing to a hearing aid or hearing aids. If you are aged sixty-five or over, you will be eligible for assessment with Australian Hearing Services.
Body worn hearing aids are about 60 mm x 80mm (some larger) and sit in a pouch or are attached to a belt. The BahaR System is the only implanted hearing treatment that works through direct bone conduction by combining a sound processor with a small titanium implant placed behind the ear. The device helps to overcome many of the drawbacks of a conventional bone conduction hearing aid by providing a direct transmission pathway to the cochlea.
A cochlearTM implant is a routine medical option designed to help children and adults with at least a sensorineural moderate-to-profound sloping hearing loss, to communicate more easily. The implant's electrodes stimulate the cochlea's hearing nerve fibres, which relay the sound signals to the brain to produce hearing sensations.
People with no hearing or little hearing that would be improved greatly by a CochlearTM Implant can be considered. VTAs are very useful for people who lose all their hearing and cannot be given a CochlearTM Implant for some reason. It is often the case that people who can afford hearing aids buy many hearing aids and still feel dissatisfied with the result. It may be very nice to have an 'invisible' hearing aid, but if you are a borderline case with moderate hearing loss that is soon to be severe, it is better to think of the future and opt for a model that has more adjustment in terms of volume and output.
For an annual fee you will be assessed, fitted with a hearing aid which will be suited to you (usually digital) and have batteries, tubing replacement and new moulds whenever you need them. Vouchers may be used either with Australian Hearing Services or with approved audiologists in the private sector.

Analogue aids can usually be adjusted manually, but the digital ones are set up and adjusted by the hearing aid manufacturer or by an audiologist using an appropriate computer interface. They are useful for moderate to severe and sometimes profound hearing loss (to give clues to speech and control voice volume). It is an option when attempts to improve hearing ability, with powerful hearing aids, no longer provide assistance.
An external processor or mini computer translates incoming sounds into distinct electrical signals, which are transmitted across the skin to the device, then travel along the nerve of hearing to the brain.
The array of electrodes has a newly developed casing that causes minimal damage inside the CochlearTM enabling maximimum retention of residual hearing. Tubing is probably the prime cause (other than batteries not working), for hearing aids not functioning properly.
All the hearing aids that are available should be considered and all options weighed up before making a final commitment. A behind the ear hearing aid may last longer have more flexibility and be more comfortable in terms of how it performs. Some private hearing aid consultants are able to provide free hearing aissessments and hearing aid fittings under the Commonwealth Hearing Services Program.
They can be more powerful than smaller hearing aids so that if the hearing is deteriorating from a moderate hearing loss, it is well to consider a BTE. This means that the person using the hearing aid needs to be capable of sorting out a huge range of sounds at low frequency. Unlike hearing aids, which amplify sound, a cochlear implant bypasses the damaged part of the ear and stimulates the hearing nerve directly. The one channel VTA is used on the wrist and the two channel, that transmits high and low frequency information, is worn on the wrist or chest.

The shape of an earmould will often be determined by the hearing loss and type of hearing aid.
The controls are larger than on smaller aids making them favourable if there are dexterity problems. It also blocks easily and needs flushing through regularly by detaching the ear mould and tubing from the hearing aid and running them under the hot tap. Many of the options will be decided by your audiogram and your particular type of hearing loss, your financial restraints and your lifestyle. Transposition hearing aids may be used for people who have very little hearing except at low frequency.
Water, wax or condensation can block the tubing causing muffled sound or total lack of hearing.
Loops also have independent volume control so that people have the volume control of their hearing aid and the loop system in addition.
A small puffer is available from hearing aid suppliers with a nozzle that fits into the tubing that when puffed rids the tubing of any water or wax.
So remember, if your hearing aid doesn't seem to be working, first check the battery and secondly check the tubing. Some audiologists are attached to one company and only sell their range of models, others are attached to two or more and some even access a full range of hearing aid companies.

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