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Your hearing will be checked by one of our hearing healthcare professionals who will ask you some questions about your ears. We recommend that you bring a loved one with you to your hearing test as they will provide support as well as insight on how your hearing loss may be affecting others around you. Hear More Canada will provide free servicing and programming on the donated hearing aids as well as ongoing care to ensure recipients have success with their hearing aids.
When your friend or relative submits the card and purchases a set of hearing aids, they will receive a $100 discount. I know that people are more connected to their smart phones than they probably should be, but I still find it curious that most people requiring hearing aids wait years before buying them, while most people requiring eyeglasses purchase them right away. The cost of hearing clearly is far more expensive than the cost of seeing clearly and is the major reason so many people living with hearing loss decide to wait years before ordering their first pair of hearing aids.
We are Hearing Health Professionals with more than 30 years of experience working in hearing clinics and hospitals.
A woman testing a revolutionary new hearing aid that works through a tooth says she could hear clearly everywhere except at a Metallica concert. A 39-year-old California woman testing a revolutionary new hearing aid that works through a tooth reports that it made it possible to hear clearly everywhere except at a Metallica concert.
SoundBite starts with a custom-built device fitted to a molar and a wireless microphone within the ear canal.
CIC hearing aids (sometimes referred to as Micro CICs) are small and discreet hearing aids that are nearly invisible when worn deep inside the ear canal.

Extended wear hearing aids are hearing devices that are non-surgically placed in the ear canal by an Audiologist. Sonova group, purchased the lyric technology from InSound Medical Group and now Phonak distributes it as part of its line of hearing instruments. One hearing instrument manufacturer Oticon, has developed a BAHA that has been shown in studies to be the most preferred type of BAHA implant. As you can see, there are several styles of hearing aids to choose from and the Audiologists at Broadmead and Oak Bay hearng clinics have the expertise to guide you to the right solution for your unique needs. The first step in treatment of a hearing problem is a hearing evaluation by an audiologist. If your hearing levels warrant the use of a hearing aid, and you wish to try one, various styles of hearing aids, and prices will be discussed. A hearing aid may sound great in the clinic, but is best evaluated when you try it in the situations that matter to you most in your “real life” and in everyday situations. After you are fit with the hearing aid(s), we will meet with you within the trial period to check in and see how you are doing.
Residents are encouraged to donate old working hearing aids they may have around the house to their local Hear More Canada. To be eligible to receive a hearing aid from the Help Others Hear More Hearing Aid Bank, applicants must be a resident in a city where there is a Hear More Clinic and financially unable to pay for his or her own hearing care through personal resources, health insurance or other social services.
We have fitted more than 4000 patients with hearing aids to date and are now offering our products and services through this interactive website.

Donated hearing aids in great working order will be refurbished and used in the Help Others Hear More Hearing Aid Bank and all others will be donated to the Canadian International Hearing Services (CIHS), a charitable organization who will use the hearing aids to help those in need in developing countries.
Then, give the card to your friend or relative and encourage them to call Hear More Canada for a FREE hearing test. While some hearing aids use bone conduction to send sounds to the cochleae, they also require a titanium post to be drilled into the skull. They are made of soft material designed to contour to each user and can be used by people with mild to moderately severe hearing loss. Children and teenagers seldom complain about the symptoms of hearing loss, and adults may lose their hearing so gradually they do not realize it is happening.
We will want to know how you like the sound of the aid and if there are any situations that you are not hearing as well as you would like.
Because the device’s placement within the ear canal makes them invisible to observers, extended wear hearing aids are popular with those who are self-conscious about the aesthetics of BTE or ITC hearing aid models. As with other hearing devices, compatibility is based on an individual’s hearing loss, ear size and shape, medical conditions, and lifestyle.
The disadvantages include regular removal and reinsertion of the device when the battery dies, inability to go underwater, earplugs when showering, and for some discomfort with the fit since it is inserted deeply in the ear canal in the only part of the body where skin rests directly on top of bone.

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