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Hearing aid reviews aarp, tinnitus treatment system - How to DIY

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En espanol l Just as you can buy $3 reading glasses at the supermarket, you can get a pair of hearing aids for a few hundred dollars online or at a big-box store.
According to a survey recently published by the Hearing Review, the average price of a mid-level pair of aids hovers between $4,400 and $4,500. The same survey found that the average prices of both high-end and mid-level aids have dropped since 2005. On the manufacturing end, materials such as microprocessors and microphones may be about 10 percent of the final cost for some hearing aids.
Enlist a Friend When shopping for a hearing aid, bring a spouse, family member or friend, if at all possible, says Juliette Sterkens, a recently retired audiologist in Oshkosh, Wis. Find a Good ProviderThe value you get out of your hearing aid will hinge on the skills and abilities of your provider, so be sure to locate one you trust.
Think Hard About Add-OnsDirectional microphones can enhance hearing in noisy places and tele-coils can help with phone conversations.

Get It in WritingGet a signed copy of a contract that outlines what you're buying — the model and make of hearing aid, the price, trial period, any nonrefundable fees as well as the warranty, says Lise Hamlin, director of public policy for the Hearing Loss Association of America.
Take Advantage of TrainingThere’s a lot more to buying a hearing aid than choosing the right one and fitting it to your ear.
Negotiate the PriceThese small technological marvels can cost between $1,600 and $3,000 for a single aid, an outlay not covered by Medicare or most private insurance companies.
Audiologists and hearing instrument specialists are both licensed to sell hearing aids, but audiologists hold a master's or doctoral degree in audiology. This will tell the audiologist or hearing specialist what type of hearing loss you have, which will help her choose the appropriate hearing aid as well as program it specifically for you. An audiologist may be able to put a disposable plug on the tip of a behind-the-ear hearing aid and program the device to your hearing loss so you can experience how it works.
Experts say you are not only buying a high-tech device that requires extensive research, but also likely paying for services from highly trained hearing specialists during the life span of your hearing aids.

Once made, the hearing aids must then be marketed and sold, an expense that also includes the cost of staff responsible for training the audiologists and other hearing specialists in their use. Get referrals from health care professionals, or contact the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association or the American Academy of Audiology for information on finding a hearing professional. A simulated sound field also can show how a hearing aid works in different kinds of settings.

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