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Costco is the low-cost hearing aid provider that’s rated highest on the hearing aid forums (and probably everywhere else, too). Tip: Audicus is currently running a special where if you buy two you get the controller for free. The advantage of these hearing aids is that you get to see an audiologist in person for programming and adjustments.
Mail them their Hearing Aids with a return receipt before the 30 days if you really do not want them.
I like to thank Senior Planet and Erica for great information and this article that continues to attract new readers and very interesting comments. Costco may not pay their hearing aid fitters a direct commission but they do pay bonuses and according to one former Costco fitter, they pressure their sales staff to see as many people and sell as many aids as humanly possible every day. With all these hearing aids being sold, I have heard many people say that they end up in the drawer, unused, for many reasons.
Hearing aids from my local center were slightly more expensive, but she services the aid for the life of the product. I need a new pair of hearing aids, but it’s going to take a while for me to earn enough money to pay for the pair that I need.
Kudos to you in trying to educate the hearing aid consumer, as there is a great deal of incorrect information out there. There is so much conflicting information because there is no transparency in the hearing aids industry as a whole and as such there is no way to clearly compare cost. My neighbor just got hearing aids from Costco and he is raving about the aids and his experience. I have been a territory manager for 2 hearing aid companies and ran my own large practice for ten years. Hearing guy, thank you for your comments especially coming from a hearing aids professional. It’s great that in this particular forum we are getting honest and straight forward valuable information from professionals.
I advocate that hearing aids professional educate us with the evidence and not be afraid to tell us exactly why a particular hearing aid brand may cost more or less.
I can answer your question about selling hearing aids at Costco prices or below Costco prices. Laura thank you for a great post filled with honesty, transparency and concrete evidence of why you can’t compete with Costco. Perhaps you could it mention some of the brands that you use and their cost for the benefit of a large number of the population who can’t afford the cost of high end hearing aids.
I want to warn people about hear now for you – originally a company formed in Australia and now seeking to work inUSA .
When you shop for hearing aids, there are many good brands to go with, and they all have useful features. When you shop for a hearing aid, they will all look very similar (behind the ear or in the ear), no matter the brand. Private practices want to sell premium hearing aids for two reasons, yes there is a good overhead, but they work BETTER!
In a nutshell, if audiologists sell older models of hearing aids to every patient, there are going to be more adjustments and work down the road because patients are not going to be as satisfied with how they are working than newer better technology.

You can by a cheap computer for $300, but many prefer to buy a Mac for five times the price. This suffering is unnecessary and as Erica stated that iHear hearing aids are coming to market in June.
I think the main thing is the philosophy of cutting out the middle man of the hearing doctor is hurting yourself.
I hope people are getting educated on the process because there seems to be some misplaced bitterness on hearing professionals. I am making a hearing aid for a school project, I got a circuit diagram from a site, but I would like modifications to the diagram, thats why I am here for you guys to help me out once more, I would like it to be still as simple, perhaps simpler, maybe more ICs or anything, or even fancy. Costco offers the same brands and models you can find at an audiologist’s office for about half the price (with the exception of the Kirkland, which is the Costco brand).
This allowed me to gain information and test 2 demos in an office setting to get some idea of what a hearing aid can do for me. I read on the forums that they use technology from Siemens, a major hearing aid manufacturer, but the company cuts out the middleman-audiologist. Health Innovations uses local audiologists all over the country to dispense its hearing aids, which cost $799 to $899 retail without insurance coverage. I’m glad that you told me that there are hearing aid forums out there for me to turn to for advice about how to save money on new hearing aids.
I have been wearing hearing instruments for over 50 years since the age of 7 and have been a hearing aid dispenser for 25 years and my son is an audiologist.
We have so many people that need hearing aids and would gladly purchase them if they could afford them and we have many dispensers that really care for people and would sell the hearing aids at low cost if they could do it, but because of the monopoly of the manufacturers, that have so much power and wealth that they can do whatever they want. I don’t mean to be picky but comments like these do not help anyone and creates a perception of a second class citizens, those that purchase hearing aids from discount dispensers.
If you purchase an older model hearing aid for cheaper, it might be guaranteed for a couple years but it may break and the manufacturer doesnt make the part anymore. If my patients come in with complaints on a certain hearing aid, I will stop using that specific brand or model because its not worth losing time and money.
I personally hope this hearing aid will be the beginning of hope for millions of sufferers and hopefully will mark the beginning of the end of cruel practices by a cruel industry that is driven by profits with little regards for people in need. You said whether you fly first class or third class wont make a difference and you were comparing this to hearing aids.
Yes hearing devices are expensive for us to buy as well, but the better ones $ work really well and people who buy them consistently wear them and have success! With Audicus you get a hearing test, send in the results by fax or email, and the company programs your hearing aids. They want the sale and are not going to let you get by with the return of your hearing aids, within your 30 day return period.
Comparing hearing amplifiers to correctly programmed hearing aids is like saying you can use a scissors to mow you lawn. This is another reason newer technology is better and will be able to be repaired for a longer lifespan (i.e 6 years from now). If patients want a cheaper hearing aid with limited features, I will educate them on the differences but I will order one without any problem. I think that all hearing health care professionals would be willing to work within a patient’s financial budget, and I have never turned down anyone that needed help and was motivated to hear better.

Putting amplification in your ear is going to help regardless of the platform, but you get what you pay for. Go to your local audiologist and show them the hearing aid you want, advertised for a specific price you want. Im stating you will get what you pay for when you cut corners (ie aids off of the internet). If you were struggling in noise and needed to hear in a restaurant for your social meeting, your cheapie hearing aids are not going to satisfy you in that situation.
I could lower my prices considerably but I’d still only dispense 20-30 hearing aids per month. After surfing the Hearing Aid Forums I found out that digital hearing aids are adjustable by the user and that all this time, I could have been making all kinds of little adjustments. I base my recommendations on their lifestyle, and I know a cheaper hearing aid wont help that well in complicated listening situations, like the car, social activities, restaurants. You may not have as much noise reduction, or limited options with these hearing aids, but if its better for your price point then ok. There is a device ( hearing aids) that can be manufactured for less than $100 that can change the lives of millions. I went to college for ten years and its foolish to think hearing aids off the internet are going to work as well as the ones I fine tune. Hearing aids are not nor do I think they will ever be the high volume product like eyeglasses. If its what the patient desires it, we can order it, but there are hundreds of hearing aids-impossible to quote all of them.
I Know MANY MANY audiologists that if you ask about that old model that Costco is offering (old chip under a new name), they would happily sell for the same amount Costco does. I know here in Illinois for those that are low income, hearing aids are provided at NO COST through Medicaid.
I think people are misinterpreting that expense as hearing aid dealers ripping them off, rather than realizing how much the technology costs.
I know because I am a Medicaid provider and dispense hearing aids to those insured through Medicaid.
However, I think there are resources out there available for people in those circumstances that will allow them to be fit with hearing aids. I wish I could offer hearing aids at low prices, but I would go out of business and then I wouldn’t be of service to anyone. I am on the phone all day and want that which will be the best for myneeds and sound quality. As for your last question, prices for hearing aids have remained the same or decreased for the last 10 years while the technology has improved 10 fold. If someone finances it through our no interest finance program that’s $100 a month for 18 months.

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