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Head noise normal, homeopathic treatment for ringing in the ears - Review

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Hide it with a black subtitle: You'll have to search the forum or I'll have to find a link to it after work, but a clever way to add a mask is to add it as a subtitle that covers the head switching noise. I talked about videos I have seen where the head switching noise looks almost like normal video -- except for some lines midway through.
More evidence to counter the claim that head switching noise is just garbage video that can't be massaged back into fine form.
As far as the second link, I have captures from my decks that look exactly like that in terms of the noise, so that is certainly no evidence that any software fix is at work there. JVC's marketing explains the feature like so: "For improved playback and special-effects picture performance, a switching noise masking system is also provided. Playback from a normal VHS VCR into a card that captures from line 23, showing normal switching noise. Playback from a JVC BR-S525U into a card that captures from line 22, showing no switching noise.

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But I think the guy who was writing a software TBC also found that he was able to un-stretch (or whichever term) this area of the video almost back to normal. Head switching is MORE than just interline timebase jitter, it's actually often 2 different signals placed onto the same line with WAY more jitter than what would be normal, so a soft TBC would have to work on both the normal Interline Jitter, plus it would have to work with different variables on the segment encompassed by the head switching. The isolated problem mid-screen is likely evidence of a problem with the tape (wrinkle, etc) not head-switching. To obtain a 720x480 image with no switching noise, a device that captures starting from line 22 is required. He says there is no need to crop the head switching noise because he can recover quite a bit of it.

During playback of videotape, video heads are turned on as they pass over the media and then turned off to prevent the display of noise that would be output when they are not in contact with the tape. Head switching noise is a result of that switching interval, and it occurs prior to the start of vertical sync. Some VTRs feature "SWP masking", which effectively masks the lines created during head switching with video black.
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